Ever Wonder If Your Illness Could Be Treated With Cannabis?

When I was first introduced to cannabis it was in a party setting.  I just knew that if I smoked it I would feel good.  The only way to get it was by calling up a guy who would bring you a plastic bag of green stuff.  There was no talk of what strain, how it was grown or where it came from.  Each week would be a surprise as to what you were going to get.  Sometimes it would make you sleepy, sometimes it would make you giggle till your sides hurt.

After dealing with debilitating headaches for a few years I decided to try cannabis as a treatment option.  I had a Dr. that was prescribing me medication after medication that would cause side effects like making my brain feel like it was on fire.  I was getting frustrated with reading all the side effects or worse feeling them.  I finally drew the line after they suggested that I try injections at the base of my head.  I knew I needed to find a safer, natural remedy.

Once I started doing research I learned that cannabis wasn’t green stuff in a bag but a natural wonder plant.  Not only was there more than one type but hundreds each with its own miracle properties.  Its not only the strain but the location of where or even how its grown that determines its usefulness.  When determining which strain is right for you there are some things to keep in mind.

There are two main categories that cannabis fall into although there are more.  Indica strains typically are the strains that will give you that drowsy body stoned feeling.  By contrast a sativa strain typically is a cerberal or head high.  Hybrids are quite common and depending on the percentage of indica to sativa can make a nice combination high.

There are strains that help with a variety of illnesses.  There are even studies that are suggesting that cannabis can reduce or shrink cancer cells.  Cancer patients find comfort from strains that aid with nausea and appetite while chronic pain sufferers find solace in it’s pain relief properties.

Cannabis needs to be grown properly and preferably by a quality grower who puts attention to detail as a priority.  One thing that should be on your mind when choosing cannabis is that you will be ingesting this product so why not know more about it?  Fertilizers and other chemicals being used during the growing process can effect the end product.  Even things like proper drying and handling can change how effective your medicine is.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are getting quality product is to grow it yourself.  There are plenty of books and online help to assist in growing your own medicine.  If growing is not an option the next best thing is buying your medicine through a dispensary or collective.  There you will have the option of choosing quality medicine that is safer.  If your state offers a medical marijuana program it is definitely worth the time to research and see if its an option for you.  So before passing off the option of using cannabis as a natural option do a little research and see that there is more to it than some green stuff in a bag.

We have selfless people who are willing to put in the time to compile a list of illness and their known treatments with cannabis as well as studies to back it up.  This is just a guide and as with anything you should seek professional opinions first.

Click Below to download PDF list
Granny Storm Crow’s MMJ Reference List- July 2011

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