How To Use Cannabis

Smoking cannabis produces the most immediate relief ,and permits the most refined control of your dosage. While smoking any material is not good for the lungs, the amount of cannabis you need to smoke is so small you should not be overly concerned. Furthermore, using water pipes or other means of filtration will reduce the amount of unwanted plant matter you may inhale. It is better to smoke the flowers rather than the leaves as this also reduces the amount you will need to smoke.

Cannabis vaporizers are designed to let users inhale active cannabinoids while avoiding smoke. Vaporizers work by heating the cannabis just below the point of combustion, the point at which smoke is produced. When the cannabis is properly heated, THC and other cannabinoids are emitted in the form of a vapor. Many patients who find smoked cannabis highly irritating report effective relief inhaling through vaporizers. Also, vaporizers are very efficient so they can save money in the long term.

Cannabis can be eaten, usually in the form of baked goods like cookies or in candy-like products. It usually takes longer for relief when eating cannabis compared to other methods of intake. It may also take longer for you to learn what dose is appropriate for you when eating and the side effects of using cannabis may be stronger = than those felt by smoking. You cannot overdose on cannabis, however side effects can be intense and overwhelming. Use caution when trying edible products especially if you did not make them. Try small doses at first and give yourself a few days to figure out the correct titration.

Like other herbs, cannabis can be made into a tea. Boil the water first and pour it over the cannabis. Allowing the cannabis to steep for approximately an hour and a half will ensure extraction of the cannabinoids. The effects are similar to eating it.

A tincture is a process of using alcohol to extract cannabinoids from the plant into a liquid form. Tincture preparations have a similar effect as eating cannabis but the onset happens more rapidly and wears off more quickly.

Topical treatments
Cannabis can be absorbed through the skin and so it is ideal for topical ointments. For a cannabis compress follow the recipe as for tea. Make as much as you need to thoroughly soak the cloth you intend to use. Apply to pain and leave on ½ hour.

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