Chronic Pain and Its Physical and Emotional Effects: How Cannabis Can Help

Something that isn’t often talked about is what its like to live with chronic pain.  What is it like for the person experiencing it as well as the others that support them? It is estimated that for 116 million Americans being in pain every day is a reality.  Many times their life and their family’s life is impacted negatively.

Waking up in pain and doing daily activities while in pain can wear down a person.  It wears on them not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.  When they have to say no to spending time with their kids, stay home from family trips or miss out on important milestones; it can be hard to stay upbeat.  It is difficult to not experience enjoyable moments and it can send a person to a dark place.  Even with love and full support negative thinking can still abound.

The family members also experience emotional drain as they watch their loved one suffer.  Their daily activities can also be limited to what the ill person needs or can handle.  Their enjoyment of activities or experiences can be hampered when they know their loved one is suffering.  There are often many times when a loved one will miss out on experiences and that vacancy can cause emotional damage, especially to childern. Sometimes resentment can occur which can lead to guilt and depression.

Depression is a major side effect of long term pain suffers.  Many are left with little choice in their management of pain.  Most are prescribed medication that have unpleasant side-effects requiring some to take even more medication to offset these. For many Americans they become stuck in a downward spiral of prescription drugs in their elusive search for a day free from pain.

Many patients get frustrated when they try prescription after prescription and nothing works.  The depression gets worse and the side effects compound the issue.  Many start seeking out non-traditional remedies. They range from acupuncture to meditation to natural cures.  One natural cure that is sought out is cannabis.  It has been found to help with pain and depression as well as many more illnesses.

Modern science has unraveled many mysteries about cannabis but still have countless more to discover.  In the western world it is still not politically accepted to use cannabis but it is increasingly becoming accepted with not only Americans but modern medicine. Several studies published in the last 10 years point to cannabis as a cure for cancer. There are also those that show that it can be used for pain management.

Those patients that have decided to try cannabis as a treatment have found that it works wonders for a myriad of reasons.  For cancer patients it helps alleviate nausea, vomiting and pain.  It has helped those with anxiety be able to function in public.  It has allowed those that had no want to live come out of their depression and control it.  It has helped others that were addicted to pain medications replace them with just one natural remedy.

This is why fighting against prohibition of cannabis is so important.  This issue effects millions of lives everyday.  We need a natural option, one that offers pain relief, free of harmful side effects and lets patients retain the ability to carry on daily activities.  We are each responsible for our bodies and we need to be in control of our treatments.  Get all sides and all facts then make an informed decision if cannabis is right for you.

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