2012 Is It Really The End Of The World?

The way that the world used to be is forever changing.  Maybe thats what the Mayans were talking about.   Archaeologists have said that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world on Dec 23, 2012.  Some believe that their translation does not actually mean a physical end of the world but a global shift, one that will forever change the course of history and the world as we know it.

The way that the world used to be was relatively the same up until the 1900’s when the car was introduced and took over the use of horses which had been around for centuries.  Now we have the digital age where everything is rapidly changing.  No where else in history do we have record of this kind of global change.  The technology era of today has effected the entire globe and beyond.  They are right.  The way of the world as it used to be will never be again; we are definitely in the dawn of a new age.

The way we parent, interact, communicate and so much more is touched by technology and modern society.  Even remote places of the globe are being touched by technology.  People around the globe are hard at work using technology to unravel the mysteries of the Earth and beyond.  Many aspects of our lives have come leaps and bounds from where they would have been only a few generations ago.

Parenting today is mainly done by the immediate family only with occasional interaction with the extended family.  Primarily children grew up in more of a group setting with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins playing an active role in their lives.  Today many families live apart and only get to visit on holidays.  Compounded with limited influence of the extended family is that many children today grow up in a broken home.  The divorce rate is near 50% leaving children to learn balance between two households.

Children today are also being raised to be more aware of their emotional self.  They are being taught to use your words not your fists; leaving you to wonder if this influence will be seen in the future when this generation begins to govern.  Will they be able to be more diplomatic, possibly saving lives through preventing wars?

We have the IPhone, IPad, cell phones, tablets and much more that connect us to the rest of the world.  Unfortunately because these conveniences can be found just about anywhere we also have the problem of being distracted while being in the company of real people.  Too many times people will be talking but they are distracted by their phone or other device and lose out on quality time.  Even young children are handed a phone or IPad to keep them busy instead of parental interaction.  This too will have an effect on this generation.

Many parents today do not have the luxury of their parents where they had a one person working household.  With both parents exhausted from working and the pressures of life, children are feeling the effects.  Many times they are left in the care of a sitter, older sibling or after school program.  With less quality face time with their parents and even less with those that have both parents in one household, children grow up being shaped by with their peers or television project.

A recent study analyzed popular programs on MTV among 12-17 year olds and found them to be primarily promoting negativity.  Looking at it from the surface these shows seem harmless but without parental balance to teach them what is right, wrong and fake, children grow up affected.  Looking at TV, Movies, Music and Advertising in general it is not hard to see that we, as a society, have lowered are standards.  What are children are exposed to today would horrify our grandparents.

One has to wonder whether this new found movement for “he who has the most money calls the shots” will spur a damaging trend in society?  It seems as if we have been hijacked and our kids are just thrown to the wind as collateral damage.  Commercials today that are risque are aired in the middle of the afternoon.  Even PG-13 movies of today are what R movies were of yesteryear.   Standards keep getting lowered so that another dollar can be made.

With all these changes in society’s standards and the shift in the way children are being raised one has to wonder what the ultimate effects of this will be on society.  Will this be a dawn of a new age of mankind or will it be our ultimate demise?  Technology and people are slowly merging together as they forge ahead into this new century we have just begun.  Even as the world changes quickly before our eyes; let us not forget the importance of quality personal human interaction and how it has an effect on society.

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