Is A Win On the Horizon For the Cannabis Community?

When our parents took a stand against the government, the establishment, they had to grab the attention of the media to be heard.  They protested, burned bras and held demonstrations.  They too experienced police brutality but much of that was not covered.  They lived in a time when their generations was going through a transformation, a revolution.  As we look around today its hard not to draw parallels with where we are today.  We see critical shifts in society that give us hope for the future.  Some of these changes can be attributed to parental influence, more availability of information and a growth in enlightened thinking and perception.

The older generations who were indoctrinated with reefer madness are decreasing and we are now seeing the baby boomer generation head into the golden years.  Older Americans are finding that cannabis has come a long way from the “hippie” days and can be beneficial with ailments they are faced with today.  Discovering new methods such as edibles, tinctures and capsules spark a curiosity and give credibility to medicinal value for them.

We start to see a new generation emerge from this earlier shift in thinking and perception of the world resulting in a much more open-minded group.  With this shift in thinking we see more acceptance of non-traditional thinking, lifestyles and medical treatment options.   Along with the parental influence we see a huge influx of influence from technology and the information it provides.  This emerging group of people can search out for themselves the truth about cannabis including medicinal value.  People can connect with others, share information and even look up published medical studies.

Alternative, in some aspects, have almost become the norm.  Even something as simple as a grocery bag, ten years ago, would mostly have been used by “hippies” but now, at least on the west coast, it has become the norm.  With more education about our food and our planet we see more people choosing organic.  We are also seeing a sharp rise in acceptance and use of alternative medicine.  Polls in 2011 showed support for medical marijuana by Americans at 77%.

In the last decade we have seen a national conversation about cannabis educate and enlighten countless people about the truths and fictions surrounding it.  We have seen 16 states and the District of Columbia enact medical marijuana laws and 6 states that have regulated legalization ballot initiatives underway for 2012.  With all this progress and exposure to the topic it has brought our society to a catalyst-like moment in history.  We see the struggle that has gone on in this country with prohibition for over 75 years.  This will not have the same outcome as earlier battles, this time is different.

The new life that has impassioned the movement and helped it to gain steam, especially in the last few years, has been remarkable.  We have farther to go and still need help from all of those who believe in their right of freedom of choice and free will.  Using our voice to stand up for whats right.  Just as we saw in earlier generations we too need to stand against the establishment and fight for our rights.  We should have a natural option.  The cannabis community has been ignored, has been laughed at, as we saw heightened last year fought with and now with hopeful hearts we hope to see a win on the horizon.

7 thoughts on “Is A Win On the Horizon For the Cannabis Community?

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