National Medical Marijuana Week – Please Contact the White House Today!

Today is the start of Medical Marijuana Week, and Americans for Safe Access has created a week of action for you to participate in to save safe access.  Today’s target is Obama.

Despite his indication to take a more reasonable approach to medical cannabis, President Obama and his Administration have become more aggressive towards our community.  In addition to raids, the Obama Administration has launched a variety of new tactics including patient privacy violations, seizing and shutting down of medical cannabis related bank accounts, manipulation of the tax code, threats to government officials and landlords, and interfering with medical cannabis patients’ Right to Bear Arms.  To read more about Obama’s mistreatment of our community, click here.  

Our voice must be heard!  Ask Obama to work with our community in order to develop policies that work!  Rather than using scarce federal resources to interfere with state sanctioned medical cannabis laws, urge Obama to work with state officials to harmonize state and federal law thereby legitimizing the medical cannabis community.

Call the White House switchboard today, and tell Obama to end federal interference in state sanctioned medical cannabis programs!  Dial 202-456-1414 and use the following script to help save safe access

President Obama–

As a candidate and our President, you indicated that you would take a more reasonable approach to medical cannabis; however, your administration has done just the opposite! Your administration’s interference with medical cannabis laws is jeopardizing people’s lives who rely on a variety of access models to acquire their doctor recommended medication!  Stop wasting scarce federal resources to circumvent state laws.  Instead, work with lawmakers to develop new policies that will harmonize federal law with states that work hard to provide safe access of medical cannabis to qualifying patients.  End the federal attack on the medical cannabis community today! 

After you take action, please share our blog post by copying the blog’s URL and encourage your friends and family to take action by posting it Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Thank you for taking a stand for safe access.  Keep and eye out for information related to tomorrow’s action targeting congress to sign onto HR1983: The State’s Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act, and click here to view actions you can take all week!

Thank you!

5 thoughts on “National Medical Marijuana Week – Please Contact the White House Today!

  1. We called the two men who can move this in a positive direction, Cong of TX, Lamar Smith, who wrote SOPA, and is holding HR1983 hostage, since mid summer. The President may be on track, in his own time, no surprise. The guy at 202-225-4236 Cong Lamar is being obstructionistic beyond normal. Who is paying him to keep being insane ? The “DRUG WAR” on Americans is the CRIME.

  2. why would anyone waste thier time trying to reason with politicians who have made it perfectly clear they dont care what the vast majority of America wants or needs. THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THE CORPERATE MASTERS WHO PAY THEM BRIBES. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ONLY PAY THEIR SALARIES AND BENEFITS..AND THEY HAVE MADE THAT INCOME MANDITORY FOR ALL AMERICANS TO PAY. Give it up…the feds have no interest in listening to the voters. They know fully well they allready own YOU!

  3. You will not win this war of attacking our food, water, cannibas. Our freedoms were not given by you and you will not be allowed to take them much longer.

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