Urge Congress to Co-Sponsor HR1983: The States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act!

Today is the second day of Medical Marijuana Week, and ASA’s National Week of Actions continues by targeting congress.  Help stop attacks on medical cannabis by urging your representative to sign onto HR1983.  Because of the increase in DEA raids and other tactics used by the federal government to interfere with medical cannabis across the country, our allies in Congress have introduced critical bipartisan legislation to protect medical cannabis patients and providers. But they need your help to get it passed. Take a minute to urge your Representative in the House to cosponsor the HR1983, the States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act today!  To read ASA’s blog about the need for HR 1983, click here. 

If passed, HR 1983 will essentially end federal interference in state sanctioned programs, provide patients and providers with a defense in federal court, and, most importantly, reclassify cannabis to Schedule III under the Controlled Substance Act.  This reclassification will recognize the medicinal value of cannabis, open doors to critical medical research, and create access for people in need across the country!  

Call your representative today; ask him or her to cosponsor HR1983, the States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act, today!

To find your representative, click here.  

Representative  _____________________________

HR1983 has an eye toward ending the current conflict between federal and state laws respect to medical cannabis by providing a comprehensive system of protections for medical cannabis patients, providers, and their physicians.  It would also reschedule cannabis to the appropriate schedule that upholds its medical value and open the door for medical research.  These protections are absolutely necessary to ensure safe access, and would allow states the autonomy envisioned by the Constitution.  HR1983 will bring us one step closer to ending the federal conflict with state-sanctioned medical cannabis programs.  Your support will help ensure the rights of medical cannabis patients and providers, and help create policies that work.

Thank you.  


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