Breaking News: CA Police Visits

Received the following message from ASA for an alert for people regarding the Siskiyou county area.

Unfortunately, Americans for Safe Access (“ASA”) has heard reports from Siskiyou County that its Sheriff’s Department has compiled a “list” of medical marijuana patients and are visiting them to ensure compliance with California’s medical marijuana laws.  While ASA expects to put an end to this unlawful practice, it imparts the following information to medical marijuana patients throughout the State who are confronted by the police at their home.  First, do not let the police into your home without a warrant.  You should always be polite, but do not let them into your home without a warrant.  Second, there is no reason for you to present the officers with your physician’s recommendation, unless they have probable cause.  Based on the reports ASA has received, officers in Siskiyou County are asking for recommendations, even without probable cause that any crime has been committed under California law.  Lastly, try to get the names of the officers and, if they have cards, get them as well.  They will likely not give you their first names, but, if this question is asked appropriately, it may create a more professional environment for all involved.

If you have had an encounter with the Siskiyou Sheriff’s Department because you were on their list of medical marijuana patients, we encourage you to contact ASA at(510) 251-1856 ext. 304.  You can read more about medical cannabis compliance checks by clicking here.

1 thought on “Breaking News: CA Police Visits

  1. You do not have to talk to, or even open the door to any policeman without a warrant. The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. CONSTITUTION lives! There is good information in this article; use it to protect yourself, and ASK FOR THAT WARRANT!

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