Who Will Address the Mess?

With the election season almost over many wonder when the subject of cannabis will be discussed.  Whoever wins the election will be left to deal with almost 20 states that have provided for patients who use cannabis medicinally.  Along with that there are 3 states that are set to vote on full legalization for adults 21 years or older much like how alcohol is regulated currently.  Millions of Americans use cannabis privately and responsibly with millions more unfortunates stuck in the judicial system.  With all this in mind isn’t it time we seriously discuss this issue?

It is already widely known that cannabis has medical value.  A quick Google search will show you thousands of medical and scientific studies that attest to the value cannabis has.  Beyond just help with nausea and pain for cancer patients it has been shown to shrink cancerous tumors.  It has been proven beneficial for serious issues from MS to Alzheimer’s to less serious issues like pain, depression and anxiety.  Many like the added  benefit of cannabis being natural instead of lab created.

It is also widely known that the US Government spends billions each year futilely fighting the War on Drugs.  It destroy families, communities, and by extension our country.  Our nation has experienced raids in our communities,  parents with children ripped from their familiar homes and our tax dollars spent on these terrorizing activities instead of spending the money more wisely improving the community.  In the states that have legalized for medical use they have seen an increase in revenue from fees and taxes.  If cannabis were regulated it would save billions wasted on the War as well as actually bringing in revenue across the country.

The violence that has been a result of the War on Drugs is not only shocking but sadly avoidable.  With prohibition in place for over 75 years the black market and the violence associated with it has been allowed, and in some opinions encouraged, to flourish.  With alcohol prohibition we saw a large increase in violence with Al Capone leaving dead bodies in the streets.  Today we are left with the cartels in Mexico dumping dead bodies in the streets of Mexico and parts of the US.  We have our cities overrun in some cases with the control of the Cartels.  We look at the situation and wonder “how can this be the best solution?”  Over 50,000 Mexicans have been killed as a result of the Cartel violence in the last 5 years.  Our actions and policies have had a direct effect on that.

Cannabis policies affects us all.  From policies that waste tax dollars to ones that tear apart families it has to be addressed.  We have to start looking at this in a different manner.  We have continuously allowed otherwise law abiding citizens to be terrorized, lives destroyed and resources wasted.  For the 75 years we have taken the over reaching, unrealistic and in some opinions unconstitutional view on cannabis prohibition.  We have let this way of thinking control this country for too long.  We have archaically believed that we have the right to choose for others.  When you break it down and start to really look at cannabis you realize that it is not as harmful or destructive as they want you to believe but the policies in place actually are.

It is time that we educate others and make them aware of the real benefits of cannabis.  Beyond just the medical value we have the social and economic value.  We have the opportunity to look to the future and make it a brighter outlook.  We need to realize that people are capable of being responsible for their choices.  As responsible adult citizens we should have the right to choose what is best for our body.  Your voice does count.  Stand up and speak out so that once and for all we can end prohibition   Contact your representative and urge them to help change history and the course of this country.

What do you think? Questions, Comments, Opinions?

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