Victories and More Roads To Travel

Tonight we witnessed history.  Tonight we saw the people of Washington and Colorado stand up and speak for legalization.  We witnessed the people stand for a new approach to the failed 75 year long prohibition method.  It is encouraging for all that have fought so hard, many of them till death, to finally see fruition of all their hard work.  Tonight should give courage to all that we can make a difference and we can end the War on Drugs.  Too many have lost their property, jobs, children, loved ones or their life to a senseless approach to a social issue.  We need to stand up for the rest of the country that is still imprisoned under prohibition.  Citizens who pose no harm to others should not be living in fear.  We know there is medical value.  We know there are more harmful things out there that are currently legal.  We know how much we could benefit from legalization including saving billions and creating residual income through taxes, fees and creation of a new industry.  We know that we need a new viable approach.  We know the time is now.  Do not let it stop with today.  Do not let it stop with Washington and Colorado.  Let us stand up and make change happen.  Let us stand up and make history once more.  Election day is over now it is time to get to work!

What do you think? Questions, Comments, Opinions?

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