You Will Be Missed

On Wed Nov 14th we lost a little boy who gave many hope and inspired the world. Cashy beat cancer two times but the third time it came back too aggressively. Cashy and his family became widely know when the Hyde’s started treating their toddler son with cannabis oil through his feeding tube. Soon Cashy started bouncing back to life and actually having an appetite. The case was widely watched and discussed. The Hyde family has bought a humanity to the discussion of what should be allowed to be a private choice. Cashy has forever left his mark on the world and our hearts. Though most did not have the privilege of meeting Cashy we were all behind him cheering him on. May we never forget his valiant fight nor the Hyde family who had to make an unimaginable decision to break the law or save their son. May we not give up the fight for legalization until all are freely able to make that personal choice without fear nor concern.
May you rest in peace little buddy you will be missed! ONE LOVE


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