Take Back the Control

When we were little we looked up to our parents.  In our eyes there was no wrong they could do no question they couldn’t answer.  We knew they had our interest at heart.  But there comes that time when the veil is lifted and you realize that your parents are human.  That they do make mistakes and they do not have all the answers.  We start to learn that the world is not a place full of smiling faces and where everyone uses their manners and treats each other nicely.

No instead we realize that there is also corruption and bad deeds everywhere.  Some have this veiled perception about our medical industry and our government.  Surely they wouldn’t do anything that would harm us.  Surely they have our best interest at heart.  When researching further you will see how many times they have gotten it wrong.

There are doctors who prescribe medication not for your good but for their profits.  How many have been found to have prescribed either the wrong medication or too freely give out medication to bolster their rewards from the pharmaceutical industry.  Natural options often are overlooked.

Looking at the government how many medications have they approved that has later been recalled only after tragedy has struck?  The FDA who has been set up to keep these things from happening and protect the people have failed too many times.  They approve for profits and chalk deaths or side effects as collateral damage.

Many times it is often more profitable to have a drug out there that is harmful and pay for the people that are effected rather than pull the drug from the population.  How many headlines have we seen where Big Pharma has had to pay billions in damages but still only works out to 1 or 2 percent of their profits?

It is naive to think that this system has your best interest at heart.  If you are lucky enough to find a doctor that does amazing for you but many are not so lucky.  Many are stuck in a system that dictates what treatment they will pursue.

Drugs are not approved with every body type in mind.  They take a very small percentage in a group and test.  They hope it will react with the population in the same way that it did with their controlled group but they can never be sure.  Each of us have a different genetic make up and many times there is no clear way to know if you will react good or bad to a drug.  It is up to each of us to take control of our bodies and our health.  It is not unreasonable for each to be in control of how their bodies are treated.

Should we not be educated on our own bodies?  Should we not have say in which treatment we want to pursue?  Should we not have all options open to us?  We can no longer stand for the standard care that is given.  We can no longer sit on the sidelines and allow only Big Pharma and doctors caught in their web to call all the shots.

It is up to each of us to take back that control.  Get involved and get educated on your illness.  Knowledge really is power and by fully understanding your illness you will be a participant in your care.  You will be able to make a more informed decision as to what treatment you want to pursue.

Natural treatments are a real option.  Its not witchcraft or idyllic fantasy.  With more and more information out there it is hard to ignore it as an option.  From natural foods to resources like cannabis there are ways to get out of the rat race and take control of your body.  I encourage all of you to step up and take control.  Do not follow along in the footsteps of so many other unfortunate people.

Many do not have the option of a natural path.  They are in a state that refuses to believe that people need more options.  They look at the subject with disdain and ignorance.  It is up to us to educate.  We must push forward and make it legal for all to choose a natural path.  In every state there are groups that have anchored themselves to push forward and make change happen.  It is time that we step up and help.  I encourage all to at least look into the subject and see what you can take away from it.  All people deserve to be free from medication that has been proven to be lethal and harmful.  We can not rely on others to keep us from harm.

What do you think? Questions, Comments, Opinions?

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