May They All Rest In Peace.

The world collectively felt a pain in their heart.  That moment when time stops for the moment is too overwhelming to comprehend. Where your mind swirls losing touch with the world only to be quickly sucked back to the reality of the gaping hole in our lives. To know that innocence was taken from us. To know that bright smiles and the rosy cheeks that were lovingly held in their mother’s hands will not be in their beds tonight. No gleeful screams of delight on Christmas morning as they jump out of bed rushing to see what Santa brought them. This Christmas we should take a moment for the little ones who will not be with us and the heroes who gave their life so that others could live. Let us focus on the important things in life rather than materials. Let us remember the names of the victims and forget that of the monster’s. 

What do you think? Questions, Comments, Opinions?

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