Medical Marijuana Strain and Effects Chart

Strain Type Medical Effects Medical Condition
Strong Indica Pain relief,  relief from insomnia, calming, appetite,  anti-anxiety Cancer, Aids, high anxiety, panic attacks, pain, fibromyalgia
Indica Relaxing, moderate pain relief, soothes anxiety symptoms Mild anxiety, stomach ailments, insomnia, appetite
Indica Dominant Some pain relief, mildly awake, moderate anti-anxiety Mild pain, slight insomnia, anxiety
Sativa Dominant Mildly uplifting, moderately relaxing, migraine relief Some depression, stomach ailments, MS symptoms, appetite
Sativa Awake, busy, mind clearing, happy, upbeat Mild depression, stomach ailments, mild MS, appetite
Strong Sativa Uplifting, motivating, brainy, euphoric,  anti-depressant Chronic migraines, depression, multiple sclerosis
CBD is a known active ingredient in marijuana.  It is known to have pain relief effects without the psychoactive properties of THC.  Meaning that you can get the pain relief you’re looking for without the high feeling.