How the Government is Setting The Cannabis Community Up for Failure and How We Can Stop It

The U.S. has seen the cannabis industry booming in recent years much to the government’s dismay.  They have spread Reefer Madness, raided patients and dispensaries, threatened state government officials and much more.  In 2011 we saw the issue of medical marijuana and cannabis in general covered quite extensively in the mainstream media as well as online.

Federal law has put doctors, patients and state government officials in the middle of a chaotic mess.  Currently federal law dictates that marijuana is as harmful and addictive as heroin with no medical benefits. It is listed in the schedule 1 category from the Controlled Substance Act which is above other drugs like cocaine.  With the current federal law along with the aggressive actions of the D.O.J. towards California’s state medical marijuana program, the federal government has set the community up for failure.  State and city officials have been reluctant to stand up due to legal threats from the D.O.J.  Many have been too afraid to be caught in the middle of a legal mess.  This has left patients with an unregulated system.

Unfortunately the cannabis industry is still dealing with the black market, which brings along with it many problems.  One is that with the proliferation of legitimate dispensaries and business we also saw some that were just a cover for selling drugs.  In California, which has had a medical marijuana law on the books for over 15 years, we saw a large number of dispensaries open up in cities across the state.  Even smaller towns were not spared resulting in multiple shops opening up.

I personally visited several locations last year all over California and out of all my experiences more often than not they were uneducated pot peddlers, who rushed you in and out, instead of the informed caregivers many Californians had envisioned when they passed their compassion law.  I, thankfully, did find locations that were not only knowledgeable but had no problem in explaining to me each strain, how it could help my symptoms as well as any other questions I had.  I loved that they actually cared about what they were doing not only for me but the whole community.  The general public unfortunately does not see this side and that is a truly sad.

To those that were not involved in the cannabis industry or even had a clue one existed, were shocked to suddenly see so many shops pop up.  Along with the number inevitably came location issues.   There were reports of dispensaries opening up next door to daycares and schools were the smell of marijuana could be detected.  This of course put a black mark on the cannabis community as well in some cases shut it down all together.  In CA over 200 cities have banned dispensaries altogether.

What we saw first as our way to legalization has quickly gotten out of control and has threatened to destroy what many have worked so hard to achieve.  The government saw the opportunity to use the fear of people along with their lack of true knowledge about cannabis to shut down many cities across the state of California as well as other states.  As of today the D.O.J. has sent out many letters across the nation to city and state officials warning of aggressive actions to be taken.

Colorado has demonstrated forward thinking with the regulations they put in place.  Colorado’s system went a different route than California in saying that cannabis could be sold for profit.  What Colorado did was innovative in that they did not set up a guise of non-profit like California but heavily regulated the industry instead.  Now with local law enforcement and the state Medical Marijuana Enforcement division teamed up they can now weed out the legitimate businesses from the black market therefore avoiding harassment.  Many cannabis supporters welcomed it because as we have seen no regulations has led to chaos.

In 2010 there were 809 dispensaries, 321 infused product manufacturers and 1230 cultivators registered with the state of Colorado.  The state collected $7.34 million in licensing fees alone.  Although problems exist in the current laws and ideally we would like it legal for anyone this type of regulations, for now, is better than the alternative we see in CA.

With the booming cannabis industry we also saw the emergence of testing labs.  We not only got to see how much THC and CBD content a strain had but we also learned about important things like mold, disease and pest contaminates.  We quickly realized that although we love the freedom we currently have to run the cannabis industry it obviously needs regulations.  We need healthy, medical-grade (pest, disease and mold free) and a system that helps patients feel confident in their purchase.

If we can get responsible regulations, constructed by a partnership of the cannabis community and government, we will see a successful cannabis industry that could very well help save the budget in those states.  Most people today recognize that there are medical benefits to cannabis as well as it not being as harmful as those drugs it is currently listed with.  There is proposed legislation that has wide support calling for a rescheduling of cannabis so that states, and more importantly doctors and patients, can decided what is right for them.

Each of us, as citizens and as a person, have a duty to right wrongs.  For over 74 years we have seen the government tell us we cannot have safe access to a natural drug, one that has been used for thousands of years for hundreds of uses.  We each need to make a difference and stand up and say we will no longer stand for prohibition!  We need to reschedule cannabis and allow the states to decide.  This issue is a state issue and the 10th amendment should be respected.  Tell you representative today!

2012 Is It Really The End Of The World?

The way that the world used to be is forever changing.  Maybe thats what the Mayans were talking about.   Archaeologists have said that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world on Dec 23, 2012.  Some believe that their translation does not actually mean a physical end of the world but a global shift, one that will forever change the course of history and the world as we know it.

The way that the world used to be was relatively the same up until the 1900’s when the car was introduced and took over the use of horses which had been around for centuries.  Now we have the digital age where everything is rapidly changing.  No where else in history do we have record of this kind of global change.  The technology era of today has effected the entire globe and beyond.  They are right.  The way of the world as it used to be will never be again; we are definitely in the dawn of a new age.

The way we parent, interact, communicate and so much more is touched by technology and modern society.  Even remote places of the globe are being touched by technology.  People around the globe are hard at work using technology to unravel the mysteries of the Earth and beyond.  Many aspects of our lives have come leaps and bounds from where they would have been only a few generations ago.

Parenting today is mainly done by the immediate family only with occasional interaction with the extended family.  Primarily children grew up in more of a group setting with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins playing an active role in their lives.  Today many families live apart and only get to visit on holidays.  Compounded with limited influence of the extended family is that many children today grow up in a broken home.  The divorce rate is near 50% leaving children to learn balance between two households.

Children today are also being raised to be more aware of their emotional self.  They are being taught to use your words not your fists; leaving you to wonder if this influence will be seen in the future when this generation begins to govern.  Will they be able to be more diplomatic, possibly saving lives through preventing wars?

We have the IPhone, IPad, cell phones, tablets and much more that connect us to the rest of the world.  Unfortunately because these conveniences can be found just about anywhere we also have the problem of being distracted while being in the company of real people.  Too many times people will be talking but they are distracted by their phone or other device and lose out on quality time.  Even young children are handed a phone or IPad to keep them busy instead of parental interaction.  This too will have an effect on this generation.

Many parents today do not have the luxury of their parents where they had a one person working household.  With both parents exhausted from working and the pressures of life, children are feeling the effects.  Many times they are left in the care of a sitter, older sibling or after school program.  With less quality face time with their parents and even less with those that have both parents in one household, children grow up being shaped by with their peers or television project.

A recent study analyzed popular programs on MTV among 12-17 year olds and found them to be primarily promoting negativity.  Looking at it from the surface these shows seem harmless but without parental balance to teach them what is right, wrong and fake, children grow up affected.  Looking at TV, Movies, Music and Advertising in general it is not hard to see that we, as a society, have lowered are standards.  What are children are exposed to today would horrify our grandparents.

One has to wonder whether this new found movement for “he who has the most money calls the shots” will spur a damaging trend in society?  It seems as if we have been hijacked and our kids are just thrown to the wind as collateral damage.  Commercials today that are risque are aired in the middle of the afternoon.  Even PG-13 movies of today are what R movies were of yesteryear.   Standards keep getting lowered so that another dollar can be made.

With all these changes in society’s standards and the shift in the way children are being raised one has to wonder what the ultimate effects of this will be on society.  Will this be a dawn of a new age of mankind or will it be our ultimate demise?  Technology and people are slowly merging together as they forge ahead into this new century we have just begun.  Even as the world changes quickly before our eyes; let us not forget the importance of quality personal human interaction and how it has an effect on society.

Finding Pain Relief In Cannabis

This last weekend was supposed to be a mini-vacation while I Christmas shopped.  I was to stay the night in a hotel and I envisioned a fun day looking at all the Christmas displays.  In reality I was in so much pain all week I was just hoping I would be able to make it to a few stores.  My entire body was in pain with a horrible headache that radiated through my upper body.  It was hard to be in the Christmas spirit.

Fortunately by Friday I had the opportunity to visit a dispensary and picked up a new strain I had only heard about.  When I got home I was able to use some of my medicine.  I have been testing out different strains for awhile now and most I have found will give me some pain relief or complete pain relief but only briefly.  When I used the new strain I got complete pain relief for hours.  I wanted to cry.

I realized that it has been the entire year that I have spent in pain.  The year has seem to fly by and I can not believe that it is December.  It feel like it should still be early fall and I have more time left in the year.  Each month I would research more medical studies, strain lists, talk with dispensary owners, read books and test out the strains myself in search of pain relief.  Some I found would give me the giggles, make me tired, make me sick, ease anxiety, help with insomnia and now finally give me full pain relief.

It was such a strange feeling being able to enjoy the moment without trying to ignore pain.I realized how long it had been since I felt this way.  Each day I get up feeling nauseous and then a headache will set in.  Sometimes they are dull and sometimes the pain is so bad its like seeing stars before you black out.  I have not found a prescription that fully takes away the pain, doesn’t give me horrible side effects or turns me into a zombie.  I have only found that in cannabis.

This year has been a long journey that I know is just begining.  I have learned so much about cannabis and have met so many wonderful people that are doing great things for the community.  Looking back over this year I am amazed at how much I know now.  All the reading and learning that I have done has ignited a fire in me that gives me passion about this subject.  I see so many people that are suffering, that like myself, have found pain relief in cannabis.  After getting a taste of what life without pain feels like I was suddenly brought back down to earth with the realization that it could all be taken away.

Currently in California, city by city, government is banning cannabis dispensaries because of the federal crackdown that happened this year.  Real people experiencing real pain not only have to brace themselves for daily life but for the realization that they very well could be without their pain relief.  They also must face the fact that their option may be going to the corner drug dealer where no questions are asked and its a gamble of what you are actually getting.

In the country we have a very heated debate on the size of the government. We have the federal government that is imposing its view on the states.  The citizens of California voted to allow for cannabis use by patients.  In 1996 most knew of cannabis use for cancer but at that time it was not publically known to help with many other illnesses.

Now in 2011, with ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX and many other mainstream media outlets as well as organizations like NORML speaking out about the many benefits of cannabis we have a more educated public.  We still hear how California is a joke because anyone can get a recommendation for cannabis.  The truth is that many people benefit from cannabis beyond those with cancer and AIDS.

Cannabis can help from a headache, to nausea, to body aches.  It can help with many different illnesses and modern science is confirming on a continual basis the new uses for cannabis.  Many different diseases that plague millions of Americans are being treated in labs around the world with cannabis.  Scientists are hard at work to unlock the cure for cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, obesity, migraines, to name a few and many are finding that it may be cannabis.

Many people are starting to see the harm that prescriptions are starting to have on our bodies, our society and our government.  When looking at the side effects and the drug recalls that are regulated through the FDA we wonder why a natural plant is so evil.  We are now dealing with big drug companies controlling legislation and officials in our government.  We see users of a natural plant in its natural form imprisoned.   We see families broken up and tax payer money used against them.  We also see a rise in over use of prescription drugs and addiction and what that is doing to society.

We see what the War on Drugs has done to our society as well.  Not only has it broken families, forced those arrested to a lower standard of life but also burdened the American people with a costly system of punishment for use of a natural plant. With the raids in California we saw stories of children being awakened by DEA agents busting through their front doors and shoving a gun in their parent’s face.

We also see the black market side of things heating up.  There needs to be a balance and restoring of order.  Responsible adults should be allowed to make their own medical decisions for themselves and their family.  We should not have the federal government or any government dictating how to treat our illnesses or our bodies.  We need the black market taken down and cleaned up and the legitimate legal market allowed to flourish.

The cannabis community wants to be out in the open legally operating and paying taxes.  We want a system that supports responsible use and regulation.  We want to know that we can have safe access to safe medicine.  We want to know that we have a reliable legitimate source of pain relief.  Every citizen has the right to treat their body as they see fit. They also should have the option to treat their body with natural herbs.  As a human on this Earth we have the right to use what the planet gives us.  We have the right to use nature responsibly.

It is time that we start being a more courageous nation and stand up for what is right.  We need to voice our opinions and start working together to solve these issues.  Turn off the TV, look away from the IPhone and start talking to one another to begin the repair work for this country.  We need responsibility put back on the shoulders of the American people.  We need to roll up our sleeves and get the job done.  The government is not the answer, we are.  2012 is only weeks away how will you make a difference?

Take Ownership of Your Body and Your Illness

On Oct 31st it was estimated that the 7 billionth person was born.  In the US the population is around 311 million and the number of doctors is about 661,400.  With that ratio it is not realistic for us to expect our doctor to be an expert on each one of us.  Therefore it is important for us to take ownership of our health and sometimes our illnesses as well.

Our body is something that we should be an expert on.  We should be informed of our illnesses so that we can make informed decisions with our doctors.  We should also be aware of all options for treatments as well.

One controversial treatment is cannabis.  The human body has an Endocannabinoid system that interacts with Cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.  Cannabinoids have been found in numerous studies to help alleviate symptoms caused by illness or cure them completely. Despite this the US Federal government still denies any medicinal value.

There are several states that have enacted medical marijuana laws that were backed by the people.  California is one of them.  In California you can discuss cannabis as a treatment option with your doctor.  They in turn can write you a recommendation for cannabis which you can then grow or buy at a dispensary.  In any state you can inform your doctor that you are treating your illness with cannabis and have them document your progress. Be sure to weigh the options if your state does not offer protections.

This natural plant has been found to be of use in many ways including being a possible cure for cancer.  With cannabis proving time and again how beneficial it can be it is only a matter of time before America demands a stop to the prohibition of this miracle plant.  This natural medical miracle needs to be free for all people to use not locked into the pharmacutical bureaucratic mess.

My hope with this blog is to bring attention to all the benefits of cannabis.  I hope to show people how cannabis can relate to their disease or life in general.  I believe with education people will start to see the lies and corruption that surround this plant.  Please share the truth about cannabis and feel free to use this information in your fight against cannabis prohibition ~Cherry Girl

How Cannabis Prohibition Effects All of Us

Unraveling the web of lies and corruption tied to cannabis can be a very daunting task.  Its no wonder that the government has taken a sweeping action all across the board.  Political, racial, economic  status or geography can all play a role when the government attacks.  Many do not realize how they are impacted by the administrations view on cannabis.  Prohibition does not create a safer world, ironically it creates the opposite.

Americans love their vices with cannabis being a favorite choice for many but prohibition has made it tougher to obtain as well as intimidating with its stiff punishments.  The cost of the judicial process, incarceration, loss of jobs and all other residual effects is astounding!  These costs come at the taxpayer’s expense.

Americans instead have turned to prescription drugs many that have serious side effects. They say that sham doctors give out recommendations for cannabis to anyone but that is exactly what is happening with prescription drugs.  Americans consume 80% of the worlds pain killers.  These drugs like hydrocodone or oxycodone are just as addictive as heroin and they are legally prescribed.  In 2008 15,000 Americans died from legal pain killers.

After learning about the benefits of cannabis many Americans have switched from prescription drugs to medical cannabis with improvements to their quality of life.  Its not just switching one addiction for another but rather finding a natural option for pain relief.  It can help with not only the pain but possibly help in curing the source.  Many are finding that their condition improves with cannabis use and they can stop taking multiple prescriptions.

Cannabis can be used in many ways.  Ingesting cannabis can be used for spiritual, social, or medical purposes.  Sharing a pipe with friends can be a very enjoyable experience and can bond people together.  Tribes have used it for thousands of years spiritually and socially.  For thousands of years the cannabis plant has been used to treat many illnesses.  The hemp seed also has nutritional  value and is some of the best protein you can consume; a great option for vegetarians.

The cannabis plant itself has many ecological benefits as well.  It can be grown Eco-friendly with all parts of the plant being used; some of which provide material for clothes, rope and paper.  It would be a good replacement for a paper source with cannabis yielding more paper from the same acreage as one would from trees. It also can be regrown in 6 months with no harm done to the earth.

The social and economic impacts reverberate throughout our communities.  We all suffer from the effects of cannabis prohibition even if you do not consume it.   When law enforcement is more focused on a plant they are less focused on more serious crimes. When a loved one is suffering from pain and they are faced with the choice of relief from cannabis or constant pain it will effect you.  Cannabis patients are not just hippies getting high all day.  They are someones son, daughter, mother, father, grandmother, someone’s loved one.  They are a free American citizen, some of which are faced everyday with pain.  We all deserve a choice in our treatment without fear from the government. Imagine instead a world where we would be free to grow our own Eco-friendly source of medicine, clothing material, paper, spiritual and social aid.  One where law enforcement and the judicial system were prosecuting actual criminals.

How the law is used to destroy equality and protect the powerful

Dear Mr. President or Anyone Else Listening

I write to put a face to this war on medical cannabis.  There are things in life that I hope most never experience.  Having to hear the words that a loved one has cancer. Watching them slowly die from toxic chemo treatments. To see their eyes fade, the life shrinking away preparing for death.  But in all the misery there is hope from strangers. Strangers that risk their life to provide a life saving oil, one that you have deemed too harmful for the public. Despite this the oil is used and the fire in their eyes returns little by little and they come back from the brink.  The doctors say its a miracle but we know its a natural cure.  It is hard to believe that this life saving oil has no medical value when thousands have seen it with their own eyes.  Its hard to believe that this is so dangerous that it must be kept away from the public with hard consequences if obtained.  Its hard to believe that this natural cure is equated with heroin and other harmful drugs.  There are millions of silent users, including yourself, that have used it and not only survived but benefited from it.  It is not a new designer drug but has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Modern science has not unlocked all the mysteries of cannabis.  What we do know is promising and does point towards a cure for cancer as well as other illnesses.  We can not wait for modern science to figure out what millions already know.  We used to put people to death for saying the world is round, which in modern times would sound ridiculous but with cannabis prohibition restricting access to this natural cure, you are essentially condemning thousands of patients to suffer in pain or die from their illness.  We are all born of free will.  We are all born with the right to decide what is best for our own body.  Government has no business making medical and personal decisions for me or anyone else.   We should not be forced to watch our loved ones slowly and agonizingly die from government approved cancer treatments.  We should be able to pursue a natural treatment instead of only those the government pushes.  We can not stand by and watch as politics dictates how we treat our illnesses when patients lives are at stake.  We are all adults and we need to be treated that way.  We need responsible regulations.  We need to come together to ensure safe access for all. There is an opportunity here that is yours for the taking.  You can make a difference, you can right wrongs and stop the oppression of millions.  You have experienced cannabis surely you can see it is not the same as heroin or other schedule 1 drugs.  Millions of lives have been changed forever for simple possession.  Countless families turned upside down over a plant.  Its time for a change, its time for legalization!

Take Action Now!

We’re Fed Up! – An Open Letter From 30,000,000 Marijuana Smokers Who Vote

I found this post while researching and wanted to share:

Because of our diversity and direct democracy, California has always been a “test state” for many new ideas and political reforms. The Federal government is now targeting California and its Medical Marijuana patients to create a test case out of us.

They are afraid to change the status quo. But it is not just Medical Marijuana patients, or even marijuana smokers they are targeting.

The people of the state of California are the ones who voted for Medical Marijuana. We did this by direct democracy, by voting to change our own laws with Proposition 215, rather than have legislators write them for us. This is the essence of a democratic republic at its best.

By attacking Medical Marijuana in the State of California, the Federal government is attacking and disrespecting the people of California. They’re effectively saying, “We don’t recognize your authority over your own lives. We want to control you and force you to use only the medicines that we approve. We don’t care about your actual health. And we really don’t want you to get the idea that you can change things by voting.”

The Feds are very afraid of direct democracy because it challenges the power of the bloated, monolithic central government. All the career politicians are afraid of what can happen when people realize the power they have. Remember the 1960s rallying cry Power To the People? We have the power and we’re not planning to give it up.

“They got the guns, but we got the numbers.” — Jim Morrison

We are tired of being persecuted and mistreated simply because of our choice of medicine.

Marijuana users are treated as a laughingstock, even by a president that publicly claimed to be one of us.

We are sought out, profiled, and arrested.

We are imprisoned.

We are called drug addicts and losers by our own government.

Even the most unfortunate among us — who have cancer, AIDS, MS, depression, and intractable pain of all kinds — are treated in much the same manner, sometimes even judicially murdered.

Would the American public put up with this treatment if it was happening to gay and lesbian people? To Jews? To Muslims? Certainly not!

Each of those groups have suffered persecution in the past, gotten organized, and either aroused public sensibilities about their treatment to the point where it was made socially unacceptable, or gotten laws passed or changed to insure that it wouldn’t happen again.

But we have something special that these other groups don’t have.

We outnumber them all put together.

That’s right. There are 30 million people who regularly smoke marijuana in the United States. That’s about 10% of the population.

About 5% of Americans are gay or lesbian (so 15 million in round numbers), around 5 million are Jewish, 7 million are Muslim. We could easily throw other often oppressed groups in here, such as the Sikhs, without changing the equation.

The nation’s marijuana smokers need to unite for real change.

We must get organized.

We must arouse public sensibilities about our treatment and make it socially unacceptable to laugh at medical marijuana patients as well as recreational users.

The American public must understand that we – medical marijuana patients and users – are not anonymous drug-addled strangers. We are their sons and daughters, their brothers and sisters, their fathers and mothers, their grandfathers and grandmothers.

Marijuana prohibition is a failure based on lies, bad science, and racism. Millions upon millions of people have had their lives ruined – not by the harmless cannabis plant, but by the laws, arrests, lost jobs, and denied medical treatment.

75 years of marijuana prohibition is long enough for us, as a nation, to calmly sit down and acknowledge that the experiment of making a medicinal plant illegal is unconstitutional, morally wrong, and destructive to our society. It’s time to change things to insure that it won’t happen again.

We have the organizations — NORML, ASA, MPP, and others. We have our own media: The 420 Times, High Times, Kush, Skunk, Cannabis Culture, Treating Yourself, Toke Of the Town, and plenty more. But all of us have tended to work separately. Now it is time for laser focus.

We now call upon all of these organizations and publications, and all of us – patients and caregivers and recreational smokers alike – to unite behind a single, attainable goal:

Reschedule Marijuana Out Of Category I

Doing this can be a face-saver for the Federal government. No laws need be changed, no “embarrassing” Congressional debates over “pot”. No high-level politician even has to take “the blame” for it. It just becomes a simple administrative change in a database, but it will allow open medical research and actual legal prescriptions by doctors. It’s also about time that the Federal government acknowledges that cannabis actually is an effective medicine that is safely used every day by millions of people…since they already know that.

Let’s all take the time to help them help us.

Our first step: support CA NORML’s Call The White House campaign set for Tuesday, October 11.

Our second step: sign this online petition directly to the White House to address rescheduling marijuana out of Category I.

Our third step: we will be working with these other organizations and publications to organize a National Day Of Protest to call attention to this problem.

And for heaven’s sake, vote.


N.B. This manifesto does not intend to minimize the oppression that these and all other minorities (including women and people of color) have suffered in the past and present in this country and elsewhere. But the point is that the oppression of marijuana patients and users is official government policy to this very day, and we must not be satisfied until it ends forever.

A Call To Action:Your Local Government

In California medical cannabis patients are under attack from not only the federal government but local governments as well.  City after city has pushed for ordinances against medical marijuana.  Some baring dispensaries and some banning growing.  Some do this out of ignorance of medical cannabis and the industry and others in fear of repercussions from the federal government.   At the local level we need to work together to create a system that will regulate medical marijuana in a fair safe manner. Below is a letter to our local city council.  I share it in hopes to spark conversations in other cities where patients are being oppressed.

To Our Local Government:

We are standing at a unique point in time.  When you look back which side will you be on?  Will it be the ignorant, stubborn side that wishes to cling to yesteryear where fear and misinformation oppressed citizens or will it be on the side that is enlightened and will one day be vindicated?  We can no longer ignore science.  We can no longer let this be a political game with innocent patients as the chips.

It is time that you step up and start fighting FOR the patient instead of against.  It is time that you team up with the patients and create a peaceful business environment.  You were elected to SERVE the people not rule.  Minority groups need to be heard too. There is too much proof out there, both in personal stories and medical science to say medical marijuana doesn’t have medicinal purposes.

We can no longer allow the federal government to dictate how the state, county or city conducts business with medical cannabis with bullying tatics.  We can no longer allow the federal government to ignore science.  We can no longer allow government, instead of science, medicine and our own judgment, to dictate what we put in our bodies and how we treat our illnesses.

These laws are turning innocent patients into criminals.  The actions taken in the form of raids, arrests, threats, monetarily and in court have destroyed lives and caused many to be condemned to a life of lower standards.  These laws and by extension all of you enforcing these laws are oppressing people.

There needs to be regulation.  There needs to be a partnership between law enforcement, the City and patients.  We need sanity back in government.  People need to be educated before swinging the mighty gavel. As a patient I want to be able to walk into a dispensary and know I am safe from criminals and the government.  I want to know that if I grow a few plants my family wont have their door knocked down and have a gun in their face.  I want to know that the officials that we elect are held to the standard of being level headed, fair and just.  I want to know that they would give consideration to 1 person the same as they would 10,000.

Prohibition and reefer madness has been going on for over 74 years.  People have been hearing lies for a long time and that has bred a lot of misconceptions, greed, violent black markets and many other things that scare people.  What they don’t realize is that prohibition has caused this.  Its going to take all of us to fix this.  Its going to take all of us taking a fair balanced look at cannabis and seeing how we can improve things.  We need to be the ones changing it together.  We will never have progress if there is fighting. It is ridiculous for innocent, lawful patients and caregivers to be punished because of misuse of federal power and the actions of criminals.  We should be allowed safe access to our voter and Dr approved medicine.