A Happy New Year and A New Beginning

A new year is upon us and with it comes new possibilities. This year we will discover even more miraculous properties of cannabis. From cancers to other ailments we already know the capabilities that cannabinoids possess. We have seen two states move forward beyond medical needs and legalize for recreational use. With that comes the hope that it will make it easier for patients to obtain the necessary strains they require.
We need to keep in mind that it is not simply using cannabis but using it correctly that will achieve desired results. As we have discussed before each strain possess different compounds or cannabinoids. We have already seen 3 strains genetically mapped, discovering a variety of previously unknown compounds and it will be exciting to see more added to the list.
We have seen so many advances in the delivery methods used for patients. We are no longer only left with smoking. For patients there are very real solutions.
We have seen countless stories of patients who were unable to eat, unable to control their shaking or seizures who have taken only a small amount of cannabis and have been able to control their symptoms. We have also seen in studies where cannabis has slowed or stopped cancer growth. It is no longer deniable that cannabis has real medical use.
I am hopeful that with the advancement of Washington and Colorado’s legislation as well as the other states that have set up medical provisions that we will continue to see the path cleared for all states and ultimately all patients to have access to not only cannabis but quality and variety of strains. Individualized care is key and will only come about for the masses if it becomes legally available. We have suffered for too long. We have lost too many loved ones unnecessarily. Now is the time to act! Call, e-mail or write your representatives and urge them to work towards the common goal of providing for all a safe natural alternative to big Pharma’s poison.

Who Will Address the Mess?

With the election season almost over many wonder when the subject of cannabis will be discussed.  Whoever wins the election will be left to deal with almost 20 states that have provided for patients who use cannabis medicinally.  Along with that there are 3 states that are set to vote on full legalization for adults 21 years or older much like how alcohol is regulated currently.  Millions of Americans use cannabis privately and responsibly with millions more unfortunates stuck in the judicial system.  With all this in mind isn’t it time we seriously discuss this issue?

It is already widely known that cannabis has medical value.  A quick Google search will show you thousands of medical and scientific studies that attest to the value cannabis has.  Beyond just help with nausea and pain for cancer patients it has been shown to shrink cancerous tumors.  It has been proven beneficial for serious issues from MS to Alzheimer’s to less serious issues like pain, depression and anxiety.  Many like the added  benefit of cannabis being natural instead of lab created.

It is also widely known that the US Government spends billions each year futilely fighting the War on Drugs.  It destroy families, communities, and by extension our country.  Our nation has experienced raids in our communities,  parents with children ripped from their familiar homes and our tax dollars spent on these terrorizing activities instead of spending the money more wisely improving the community.  In the states that have legalized for medical use they have seen an increase in revenue from fees and taxes.  If cannabis were regulated it would save billions wasted on the War as well as actually bringing in revenue across the country.

The violence that has been a result of the War on Drugs is not only shocking but sadly avoidable.  With prohibition in place for over 75 years the black market and the violence associated with it has been allowed, and in some opinions encouraged, to flourish.  With alcohol prohibition we saw a large increase in violence with Al Capone leaving dead bodies in the streets.  Today we are left with the cartels in Mexico dumping dead bodies in the streets of Mexico and parts of the US.  We have our cities overrun in some cases with the control of the Cartels.  We look at the situation and wonder “how can this be the best solution?”  Over 50,000 Mexicans have been killed as a result of the Cartel violence in the last 5 years.  Our actions and policies have had a direct effect on that.

Cannabis policies affects us all.  From policies that waste tax dollars to ones that tear apart families it has to be addressed.  We have to start looking at this in a different manner.  We have continuously allowed otherwise law abiding citizens to be terrorized, lives destroyed and resources wasted.  For the 75 years we have taken the over reaching, unrealistic and in some opinions unconstitutional view on cannabis prohibition.  We have let this way of thinking control this country for too long.  We have archaically believed that we have the right to choose for others.  When you break it down and start to really look at cannabis you realize that it is not as harmful or destructive as they want you to believe but the policies in place actually are.

It is time that we educate others and make them aware of the real benefits of cannabis.  Beyond just the medical value we have the social and economic value.  We have the opportunity to look to the future and make it a brighter outlook.  We need to realize that people are capable of being responsible for their choices.  As responsible adult citizens we should have the right to choose what is best for our body.  Your voice does count.  Stand up and speak out so that once and for all we can end prohibition   Contact your representative and urge them to help change history and the course of this country.

It Is Time To Get Serious, It is Time To Talk Legalization

It is a difficult subject to discuss without getting a little fired up and at the same time heartbroken.  Cannabis legalization either for medical use only or for adults 21 years and older seems to be in the same category as discussing the latest pop news.  Nonchalantly, with a laugh and without much regard.  It seems that every time the subject of medical cannabis comes up it is either ignored or discussed with a laugh.  With high numbers of support and more states lined up to join the 17 states that have already approved medical cannabis legislation this subject will need to be seriously discussed.

While some have the luxury of getting stoned for the hell of it millions depend on cannabis for serious medical issues.  Many of them wish they could only use cannabis for recreation instead of the necessity with which they find themselves.  Yes cannabis can be a lot of fun to use recreationally.  Yes it can be fun to eat pizza and zone out on the couch with friends.  For those losing their livelihood, their children, their freedom or their life I am sure they have a much different outlook.

What about the cancer patient in pain?  The one who is looking death in the face and decides to take a chance with cannabis treatments to ease the pain, nausea and other horrific side effects.  The patient who uses a state legal dispensary to safely access  trusted raw cannabis or cannabis infused products.  The patient who uses the concentrated RSO oil that not only helps with the side effects but actually helps fight the cancer including inducing cancer cell death.  Is it still funny when that patients house is raided, when they are terrorized in their own home, when they are taken to jail?  Is it funny that we are keeping a PLANT from citizens who have gone through the state approved process to obtain state legal medication that not only helps cancer but hundreds of other medical issues as well?

What about the hardworking top student who gets drug tested or is caught with a small amount and loses their scholarship or funding?  What about the employee who otherwise is known as a perfect employee but comes up positive on a drug test?   There is too much known evidence to date that beyond proves cannabis has medical value.  Every week new studies are published attesting to that fact.  Should the federal government really be dictating to the states how to run a state program?  Should we still take such a hard stance against a versatile natural plant that not only helps millions but is already being used by a large percentage of the country?

We are allowed to vote, drive, consume alcohol, raise children, build large corporations and many other highly responsible activities and responsibilities so why are we not allowed to choose how to treat our illnesses or relax at the end of the day?  Why are we not allowed to choose natural cannabis instead of the more harmful choice alcohol?

Cannabis effects us not only socially but financially as well.  The cannabis related industry has grown during the recession.  We would save billions in wasted efforts trying to stifle a growing industry.  We would save lives and instead allow tax revenue and other positive residual effects to spread throughout the communities.  

We have to take a serious look at this subject and come to the table as adults.  Its time to put away the pizza, quit the giggles and other tired cliches.  This effects everyone from children losing their parents to the loved one with an illness prosecuted for using a natural herb used for thousands of years.  If we are truly free adults then we should be able to discuss this in a serious manner.  I urge all of you to speak up and let your representatives know it is time to seriously talk about cannabis legalization.

Cannabis Prohibition: Is It Really Keeping Our Children Safe?

Many a bored teen will hang out with friends and be faced with choosing to use drugs or not.  Many government officials as well as parents tout the War on Drugs as a savior to our children.  They say that it keeps the drugs out of the hands of minors, off the streets and out of schools.  With the economy shining a spotlight onto finances one can quickly see how big of a budget the War on Drugs consumes.  With taking all the different facets of this war into account some wonder if its really working.

The War on Drugs has been waging for over 40 years.  It has cost the tax-payers over $14 trillion, billions annually.  There have been surges and wanes over the 40 years in intensity in the pursuit to eradicate drug use.  Over the years we have witnessed many tragedies and successes.  We have seen harmful drug use drop among the population but especially minors.  We have also seen over the last 18 months an intensity like never before in the use of intimidation tactics, SWAT style raids against state legal patients, abuse, or lethal force when pursuing cannabis users.

With more education and information available to teens today many are able to see through the hypocrisy and lies.  Teens can see you are lying especially when they try cannabis, realize that it is not going to kill them and that they actually like the effects.  With alcohol, who’s effects are similar to cannabis but with much more harm at stake, not only available for sale but advertised everywhere including major sports events it is hard to see the difference.  When they see you are lying about cannabis they question other “truths” you have been telling them.

Simple cannabis possession or other non-violent cannabis related offenses can claim your driver’s license, student loans, subsidized housing, or federal grants.  It can jail a parent or guardian even if they are state and county legal.  With a parent jailed it costs tax-payers more to incarcerate and breaks up a family where the children are thrown into the broken foster care system.  All of us should be asking if this is really what is best for our children.

Children that go into the system cost tax-payers millions each year.  It costs the child emotionally and psychologically.   Children that grow up in the system are bounced around to different homes causing them to act out, perform poorly in school, drop out, get into legal trouble and end up repeating their parents mistakes.  Should we really treat cannabis related offenses this harshly?  Are these tactics really working?

Cannabis use was slightly higher this year but more harmful drugs, including alcohol, were reportedly down according to a recent study among teens use.  Those that take a quick look around or have a conversation with a teen will learn how easily drugs are accessible.  Each year D.E.A. officials boast of their catches but in reality they have barely scratched the surface.  Even with officials raiding and confiscating thousands of plants, California’s number one cash crop was still cannabis.  The plain truth is that it is a plant that can be grown in anyone’s home.  It can be kept from anyone’s knowledge provided the grower is smart.  It can be accessed through many avenues including access through children.

Drug cartels have taken notice of America’s love of drugs and has very outstretched networks that effect our children.  The violence and corruption that comes along with the cartels are infiltrating our schools.  The cartels lure children with money or threats using them as drug runners, smugglers or sellers.  They know that if children are caught the punishment is less.  The also know that it takes less money to impress children.  In this way they have been able to utilize children to sell to others including their peers thus spurring not only more drug use but recruiting even more children.

California has a heavily burdened prison and welfare system.  They have a large amount of incarcerated inmates for cannabis related crimes.  Our nation has been fighting this war for far too long.  Even our children see the truth about cannabis.  Isn’t it time we started talking about this subject from a new perspective?  Our law enforcement agencies have received cuts across the states including here in California.  Our streets are not safer.  Drug use has not been eradicated even after over 40 years.  Families are broken, children are effected, states are bankrupt and in the end drugs are still easily accessible at any school.  Isn’t it time we end the War on Drugs and start with a new approach?

It Is Time To Start Looking At Cannabis Differently

We all get involved with the community for different reasons.  We watch a loved one suffer through horrific pain, see injustice done to another, are a victim of the system or just realize that the harm and cost done to our nation is not worth it.  Whether it is from personal strife or in memory of a loved one we all feel the passion.  It is sometimes unfortunate that it takes a tragic event for people to become aware and get involved.  Our hope is that we can prevent tragedies while still making people aware of all the damage done by the War on Drugs.

Some activists like Jack Herer died before he was able to see the results of his work.  Although they live on in the community isn’t it sad that even with today’s vast knowledge of the medical value possessed by cannabis compounds some patients are still treated like criminals?  Some patients die with the label of a criminal even though their only crime was using a plant when they were at their weakest.

This past week in Oakland, CA we witnessed the federal government yet again demonstrate its over-reaching intimidation tactics against a well known cannabis activist  Richard Lee.  Mr Lee bankrolled Prop 19, owned Blue Sky dispensary as well as industry trade school Oaksterdam University.  Federal agents raided those locations as well as Mr. Lee’s personal residence on Monday.

Backlash and outrage from the city as well as the community were immediate.  Protesters, blogs, news outlets as well as city officials spoke out against the U.S. Attorney General Melinda Haag’s office and other federal agents condemning their actions.  One message seemed to be that although federal law may consider cannabis illegal it’s legal for medical use in California, so stay out of state and city business.  Supervisor David Campos showed support saying “San Francisco stands firm against the federal government on the issue of medical cannabis”.  Fellow Supervisor Christina Olague called the federal threats to dispensary landlords to either evict the dispensaries or face legal action “absurd” and criticized the “ignorance coming out of Washington right now.”

The cannabis community in California and across the nation are once more betrayed by the current administration.  Yet again federal agents are attacking Californians, who for the past 15 years, have approved of cannabis for medical use.  In 2011 we saw several large scale raids carried out against our own citizens.  They have nothing left but to go after citizens for obscure tax laws and threaten any land owner with forfeiture of property if they lease to a legally operated dispensary.  These kinds of stories surely can’t be the United States of America who’s very objective is to protect its citizens from such types of theft?

If a dispensary or other cannabis industry related business is in complete compliance with state, county and city regulations and is actually a benefit to the community why would the federal government feel the need to stomp all over our home bringing terror into the community?  Why do they feel the need to aggressively barge in with their intimidation tactics and leave destruction in their path?  Why must patients who are otherwise law abiding citizens be treated in the same manner as terrorists or drug cartel members?  If Californians, the people who actually have to live with any repercussions of legalizing cannabis approve why then can’t the federal agents respect that and at the very least give some dignity back to the patients when dealing with them?

After presidential promises and memo reassurances proved to be completely empty many feel lied to and betrayed and rightfully so.  People further are disrespected when the President and his administration continue to address the issue in a laughing manner as if it is a bunch of frat boys asking the question.  They seem to forget the single mother cancer patient who must choose between keeping custody of her children and relieving pain and other side effects.  They forget the families who have lost loved ones to police incompetence in their endless fight in the War on Drugs.  Or the millions of people who have been directly effected and the whole nation who ends up paying for it.

Trillions of dollars have been wasted.  Schools are in disrepair, cities are going bankrupt, crime is going up and yet our priorities are going after patients.  It is time to demand an end to this costly war!  50,000 Mexicans have died, some violently, all in the name of the War on Drugs.  Top South American leaders see it is time for a different approach  and have already started looking for alternatives.  Meanwhile our leaders continue their archaic thinking taking a hardened stance against legalization or decriminalization.

With the economy on life support, people in desperate need of jobs and the government spending an obscene amount of tax-payer money on prohibition it is time to start looking at cannabis differently.  Cannabis is one of America’s biggest cash crop and California’s largest cash crop.  It can be regulated and taxed in the same manner as alcohol which would also address the restrictions for minors.  By responsibly regulating cannabis, communities across the nation can benefit.

After the events that took place this week it is obvious that the time is now to speak up.  We should not tolerate these attacks on citizens, on patients, on our loved ones.  We should not wait for a tragic event to strike us we should get involved now and stop these aggressive tactics from our own government.  Write, email or call your representative and urge them to demand a stop to these attacks.  Call the White house and let your voice be heard.    How far are we willing to let them intrude into our communities?

Breaking News: CO Legalization Ballot Initiative Likely To Be On November Ballot

CO: The proponents of a Colorado initiative to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol turned in more than 14,000 additional voter signatures Friday in a last bid to qualify for the November ballot. The initiative needs only 2,400 valid signatures to qualify, meaning a whopping four out of five signatures handed in would have to be invalidated to keep the measure off the ballot.

The campaign had earlier turned in 159,000 signatures, nearly twice the 86,000 needed to qualify. But on examining the signatures, state election officials found that nearly half were invalid, an usually high percentage.

Other similar initiatives are in the works across the country.  To get involved contact your representative and urge them to support the end of cannabis prohibtion.

It Is Time, This Is Our Moment

Throughout history there are those moments in time that forever change our course.  Great moments where heroes stood up, fought back, and changed our destinies.  Many led ordinary lives but in that moment found the courage to do what’s right even in the face of adversity.

I believe we are at a very unique point in time.  All over the globe are seeing people wake up to the idea of a more involved society, one that gives them a voice.  We are starting to see the corruption that has been allowed to take hold.  Thanks to instant and world-wide communications we all can share an abundance of information.  The message is clear: People want freedom!

The thought of freedom of self is spreading.  People realize they have a choice.  They can be free to be responsible for themselves and their government.  With God-given free will people are seeking out the truths.  One truth that has frequently come into the spotlight, all over the globe is cannabis.  People are starting to see through the “reefer madness” and seek out the truths not only of its healing powers but of its actual harms.

The U.S. government has wasted trillions of tax-payer’s dollars pursuing a plant put here on earth for humans to use.  Beyond all its myriad of health benefits including exciting research pointing towards curing cancer, cannabis in its natural form can be looked at in the same light as drinking a beer or having a glass of wine.  Many Americans drink at the end of their day to unwind and relax from the day’s activities.  Millions of Americans use cannabis in the same way including using forms such as oils, juices, edibles and tinctures.

It is time to start taking a more serious look at what the real dangers are of cannabis prohibition.  Cannabis does not cause death, is more beneficial and is less harmful than alcohol which is a legal drug for Americans 21 and older.  We need to look at the practicality of prohibition on a national level. This is a serious issue that has devastating effects on millions of Americans.  An issue that breaks up families, bankrupts countless people, destroys American rights, costs trillions of tax-payer dollars and ruins society demands that we take a serious look at this situation and what its doing to this country.

These are the moments that history is made of.  Moments that show of courage and strength.  Times were we came together and fought back.  We need to make our voices heard loud and clear: Its time to talk about the end of prohibition!  We need to tell our representatives that its time to reschedule cannabis and repeal the prohibition.  We need to educate others on the truths.  When people see the truth we will have freedom.  This is our moment will you have the courage to change history?

Making It A Happy Thanksgiving: How To Cook A Cannabis Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there.  I hope that everyone is able to be with their family during this holiday season.  I also hope that those that are suffering from a number of different illness also find peace and some relief.  Below you will find a video on how to make cannabutter.  Once you have made that you can turn any recipe into a cannabis infused dish!  Please share these recipes and bring joy to others ~ Cherry Girl

Cannabutter (can be used in any recipe)

CannaCandied Yams

Yields about 8 servings.


* ¼ cup canabutter
* ½ cup light brown sugar
* ¼ cup chopped pecans
* 1 large (40-ounce) cans large yams or sweet potatoes, drained
* 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
* 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
* Mini marshmallows for topping


1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F
2. In a saucepan, melt pot butter over medium heat. Add brown sugar and pecans, simmering for a few minutes
3. In a large bowl, mash yams with a potato masher until you reach desired consistency.
4. Add sugar/pecan mixture, cinnamon and nutmeg, and mix thoroughly.
5. Transfer yam mixture to a metal pie pan and cover with marshmallows.
6. Bake for 15-20 minutes at 325 degrees F.
7. Remove from the oven and place under the broiler until the marshmallows are lightly browned.

Greenbud Green Bean Casserole

Cooking time 30 mins, Serves 10 – 12


• 2 cans Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup
• 1 cup milk (fat free or 2%)
• One onion finely diced
• 2 tablespoons of Cannabutter
• ¼ teaspoon of salt
• 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
• 8 cups cooked cut green beans
• 1 cup of French Fried Onions


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
2. In a large skillet sauté the chopped onion in a little cannabutter over medium heat for a few minutes until cooked.
3. Stir in the canned mushroom soup, milk, salt and pepper, green beans and 1 table spoon of cannabutter and mix well until its all warmed through.
4. Using the left over cannabutter grease the casserole dish.
5. Transfer to the casserole dish, sprinkle with French Fried Onions and bake for 15 mins or until hot and bubbling.

 Cannabis Pumpkin Pie


* 1 8-ounce package cream cheese, softened
* 2 cups canned pumpkin, mashed
* 1 cup sugar
* 1/4 teaspoon salt
* 2 eggs, slightly beaten
* 1 cup half-and-half
* 1/3 cup marijuana butter, melted
* 1 tsp vanilla extract
* 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
* 1/4 tsp ground ginger
* 1/4 tsp nutmeg
* 1 (9-inch) unbaked pastry shell
* Whipped cannabis cream, for topping


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
2. In a large mixing bowl, beat the cream cheese with a hand mixer. Add the pumpkin and beat until combined.
3. Add the sugar and salt, and beat until combined.
4. Add the eggs, half-and-half, and melted cannabis butter, and beat until combined.
5. Add the vanilla, cinnamon, and ginger, and beat until combined.
6. Pour the filling into the pie crust and bake for 45-50 minutes, or until the center is set.
7. Allow pie to cool to room temperature and top each slice with a generous amount of cannabis whipped cream before serving.

Mary Jane’s Turkey

1 medium-sized (12- to 15-pound) turkey

*1/2 cup marijuana butter

¼ cup chicken broth

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 teaspoon poultry seasoning

1 teaspoon sweet basil

1 teaspoon thyme leaves

1/2 teaspoon sage

Melt butter in a small saucepan over low heat and blend in remaining ingredients. Stuff turkey or season with salt and pepper, if desired. Make a small incision in skin of turkey, force a finger through the slit and break the contact between the skin and the meat. Using a meat injector, squirt half the butter mixture under the skin. Cook the turkey according to your favorite method, basting with the remaining butter mixture every half hour until done.

Ganja Gravy


* Turkey, chicken or vegetable stock
* 6 Tbsp cannabutter
* 2 large onions, sliced thin
* 2 Tbsp chopped fresh rosemary
* 2 Tbsp chopped fresh sage
* 1/3 cup flour
* 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
* Salt and pepper to taste
* ½ cup balsamic vinegar


1. In a large skillet, melt canabutter over medium-high heat
2. Add sliced onions and sauté 10 minutes
3. Add rosemary and sage and sauté for 10 minutes
4. Add flour and whisk for 1 minute
5. Gradually whisk in stock and boil until gravy thickens, stirring frequently
6. In the pan that you baked the turkey in, pour the juices from pan into a large cup or bowl and spoon off fat. Add juices to the gravy.
7. Add vinegar to roasting pan. Bring vinegar to simmer over medium heat, scraping up browned bits. Pour mixture into heavy small saucepan.
8. Boil for about 3 minutes and add to gravy.
9. Season with salt and pepper.
10. Optional: If you are not cooking the turkey or are using the juices for a non-medicinal gravy, simply add the vinegar to the gravy and simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Breaking News

The FDA revoked approval of the use of a popular breast cancer drug Avastin.  It was found that Avastin exposed users to potentially harmful side effects such as severe high blood pressure and hemorrhaging.  Even with this news Avastin will remain on the market where Doctors can still prescribe it to breast cancer patients but with the revoking of FDA approval it will likely cost breast cancer patients $88,000 a year which would be too costly for most.

Shocking news that scientists have caught up with the public they have found merit to medical marijuana.   The Institute of Medicine has published a study stating that they found merit to cannabis.  Just had to share please pass along.  The study is from 1999 so it is curious why the government still claims no medicinal value to cannabis.
IOM finds scientific merit to medical marijuana. Institute of Medicine

Take Ownership of Your Body and Your Illness

On Oct 31st it was estimated that the 7 billionth person was born.  In the US the population is around 311 million and the number of doctors is about 661,400.  With that ratio it is not realistic for us to expect our doctor to be an expert on each one of us.  Therefore it is important for us to take ownership of our health and sometimes our illnesses as well.

Our body is something that we should be an expert on.  We should be informed of our illnesses so that we can make informed decisions with our doctors.  We should also be aware of all options for treatments as well.

One controversial treatment is cannabis.  The human body has an Endocannabinoid system that interacts with Cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.  Cannabinoids have been found in numerous studies to help alleviate symptoms caused by illness or cure them completely. Despite this the US Federal government still denies any medicinal value.

There are several states that have enacted medical marijuana laws that were backed by the people.  California is one of them.  In California you can discuss cannabis as a treatment option with your doctor.  They in turn can write you a recommendation for cannabis which you can then grow or buy at a dispensary.  In any state you can inform your doctor that you are treating your illness with cannabis and have them document your progress. Be sure to weigh the options if your state does not offer protections.

This natural plant has been found to be of use in many ways including being a possible cure for cancer.  With cannabis proving time and again how beneficial it can be it is only a matter of time before America demands a stop to the prohibition of this miracle plant.  This natural medical miracle needs to be free for all people to use not locked into the pharmacutical bureaucratic mess.

My hope with this blog is to bring attention to all the benefits of cannabis.  I hope to show people how cannabis can relate to their disease or life in general.  I believe with education people will start to see the lies and corruption that surround this plant.  Please share the truth about cannabis and feel free to use this information in your fight against cannabis prohibition ~Cherry Girl

Integrative Medicine: Legalization and regulation of cannabis

Awesome article I found out of the Seattle Times talking about the history of cannabis prohibition.

Integrative Medicine: Legalization and regulation of cannabis
By Drs. Kay Judge and Maxine Barish-Wreden
McClatchy Newspapers

The California Medical Association made news when it became the first state medical association to recommend the legalization and regulation of cannabis, better known as marijuana.

The CMA’s Council on Scientific and Clinical Affairs noted in its recommendations that there is an increasing body of evidence that marijuana may be useful in the treatment of a number of medical conditions, but research to determine both risks and benefits is hampered in the United States because marijuana still is classified as an illegal drug.

The CMA council believes that the legalization and regulation of marijuana will allow for broader research and objective data on the potential benefits and risks of marijuana. It also will help to regulate dispensaries of marijuana, regulate the physicians who prescribe marijuana, ensure that safe and consistent products are available to patients, reduce diversion and improper use of medical cannabis, and support the physicians who wish to appropriately prescribe medical marijuana to patients who are most likely to benefit from its use.

To give you some perspective on the current controversy around marijuana, here’s a little background.

Marijuana is classified under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning that it has a high potential for abuse and has no accepted medical benefit. However, marijuana, like other herbal remedies, has been used as a medicinal agent for thousands of years in many parts of the world. The Irish physician and pharmacologist Dr. William O’Shaughnessy, who had spent years studying its medical benefits in India, first introduced marijuana into Western medicine in 1841; it was used to relieve pain, muscle spasm and convulsions.

In the 1930s, marijuana came under fire in the United States as a harmful drug, and despite a lack of good data about its potential risk, it was removed from the U.S. Pharmacopeia in 1942.

In 1970, Congress initiated the Controlled Substances Act, which then awarded marijuana its Schedule 1 status, effectively shutting the door on further research. Shortly thereafter, Congress authorized the creation of the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse to study the risk of marijuana use. The commission’s report to Congress in 1972 was titled “Marijuana, A Signal of Misunderstanding.”

The physicians and other members of the commission concluded that there was “little proven danger of physical or psychological harm from the experimental or intermittent use of the natural preparations of cannabis,” and that “the actual and potential harm of use of the drug is not great enough to justify intrusion by the criminal law into private behavior.”

They also recommended the decriminalization of simple possession of marijuana. That recommendation was ignored by the Nixon administration, and marijuana remained classified as a Schedule 1 dangerous drug, unsuitable for any medical use (and this remains puzzling to many health care providers who work in the field of substance abuse, considering that alcohol and nicotine are both considered significantly more addictive and physically harmful than marijuana).

The controversy continued, and in 1996, 14 states including California legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

In 1999, the California Legislature approved funding for cannabis research, leading to the formation of the University of California Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, based at the University of California-San Diego.

The beginning results of that research were published last year and were promising: Cannabis was found to significantly reduce neuropathic pain as well as muscle spasm and muscle spasticity, particularly in patients with multiple sclerosis.

One of the studies showed that marijuana significantly reduced HIV-related pain in more than more than 50 percent of patients. In other research endeavors, cannabis also has been shown to reduce pain and neuropathy in cancer patients and in patients with neurological diseases. It also helps to reduce nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy, and it may help reduce the loss of appetite that can accompany cancer and HIV disease. Cannabis may also help augment the pain-relieving properties of narcotic drugs.

Even more intriguing, some data also suggest that cannabis may play a role in cancer risk reduction.

Rodent studies have shown that THC, one of the active ingredients in marijuana, not only reduces the risk of cancer in animals but also increases survival.

In a study of more than 64,000 Kaiser patients who were followed for about nine years, men who smoked marijuana had the lowest rates of lung cancer, even lower than the nonsmokers. A large case-control study done in Los Angeles also suggested a reduced risk of all cancers studied except for oral cancer in users of marijuana. There is biological plausibility for this: studies show that THC and other phytochemicals in marijuana inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells in cell cultures and in rodents.

The public opinion on the legalization of marijuana has been heated and divided for many years; perhaps it’s time for more objective data on the potential risks and benefits of marijuana so that we can make informed decisions about its use.

The changes advocated by the California Medical Association can help pave the way for this.

How Cannabis Prohibition Effects All of Us

Unraveling the web of lies and corruption tied to cannabis can be a very daunting task.  Its no wonder that the government has taken a sweeping action all across the board.  Political, racial, economic  status or geography can all play a role when the government attacks.  Many do not realize how they are impacted by the administrations view on cannabis.  Prohibition does not create a safer world, ironically it creates the opposite.

Americans love their vices with cannabis being a favorite choice for many but prohibition has made it tougher to obtain as well as intimidating with its stiff punishments.  The cost of the judicial process, incarceration, loss of jobs and all other residual effects is astounding!  These costs come at the taxpayer’s expense.

Americans instead have turned to prescription drugs many that have serious side effects. They say that sham doctors give out recommendations for cannabis to anyone but that is exactly what is happening with prescription drugs.  Americans consume 80% of the worlds pain killers.  These drugs like hydrocodone or oxycodone are just as addictive as heroin and they are legally prescribed.  In 2008 15,000 Americans died from legal pain killers.

After learning about the benefits of cannabis many Americans have switched from prescription drugs to medical cannabis with improvements to their quality of life.  Its not just switching one addiction for another but rather finding a natural option for pain relief.  It can help with not only the pain but possibly help in curing the source.  Many are finding that their condition improves with cannabis use and they can stop taking multiple prescriptions.

Cannabis can be used in many ways.  Ingesting cannabis can be used for spiritual, social, or medical purposes.  Sharing a pipe with friends can be a very enjoyable experience and can bond people together.  Tribes have used it for thousands of years spiritually and socially.  For thousands of years the cannabis plant has been used to treat many illnesses.  The hemp seed also has nutritional  value and is some of the best protein you can consume; a great option for vegetarians.

The cannabis plant itself has many ecological benefits as well.  It can be grown Eco-friendly with all parts of the plant being used; some of which provide material for clothes, rope and paper.  It would be a good replacement for a paper source with cannabis yielding more paper from the same acreage as one would from trees. It also can be regrown in 6 months with no harm done to the earth.

The social and economic impacts reverberate throughout our communities.  We all suffer from the effects of cannabis prohibition even if you do not consume it.   When law enforcement is more focused on a plant they are less focused on more serious crimes. When a loved one is suffering from pain and they are faced with the choice of relief from cannabis or constant pain it will effect you.  Cannabis patients are not just hippies getting high all day.  They are someones son, daughter, mother, father, grandmother, someone’s loved one.  They are a free American citizen, some of which are faced everyday with pain.  We all deserve a choice in our treatment without fear from the government. Imagine instead a world where we would be free to grow our own Eco-friendly source of medicine, clothing material, paper, spiritual and social aid.  One where law enforcement and the judicial system were prosecuting actual criminals.

How the law is used to destroy equality and protect the powerful

Dear Mr. President or Anyone Else Listening

I write to put a face to this war on medical cannabis.  There are things in life that I hope most never experience.  Having to hear the words that a loved one has cancer. Watching them slowly die from toxic chemo treatments. To see their eyes fade, the life shrinking away preparing for death.  But in all the misery there is hope from strangers. Strangers that risk their life to provide a life saving oil, one that you have deemed too harmful for the public. Despite this the oil is used and the fire in their eyes returns little by little and they come back from the brink.  The doctors say its a miracle but we know its a natural cure.  It is hard to believe that this life saving oil has no medical value when thousands have seen it with their own eyes.  Its hard to believe that this is so dangerous that it must be kept away from the public with hard consequences if obtained.  Its hard to believe that this natural cure is equated with heroin and other harmful drugs.  There are millions of silent users, including yourself, that have used it and not only survived but benefited from it.  It is not a new designer drug but has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Modern science has not unlocked all the mysteries of cannabis.  What we do know is promising and does point towards a cure for cancer as well as other illnesses.  We can not wait for modern science to figure out what millions already know.  We used to put people to death for saying the world is round, which in modern times would sound ridiculous but with cannabis prohibition restricting access to this natural cure, you are essentially condemning thousands of patients to suffer in pain or die from their illness.  We are all born of free will.  We are all born with the right to decide what is best for our own body.  Government has no business making medical and personal decisions for me or anyone else.   We should not be forced to watch our loved ones slowly and agonizingly die from government approved cancer treatments.  We should be able to pursue a natural treatment instead of only those the government pushes.  We can not stand by and watch as politics dictates how we treat our illnesses when patients lives are at stake.  We are all adults and we need to be treated that way.  We need responsible regulations.  We need to come together to ensure safe access for all. There is an opportunity here that is yours for the taking.  You can make a difference, you can right wrongs and stop the oppression of millions.  You have experienced cannabis surely you can see it is not the same as heroin or other schedule 1 drugs.  Millions of lives have been changed forever for simple possession.  Countless families turned upside down over a plant.  Its time for a change, its time for legalization!

Take Action Now!

We’re Fed Up! – An Open Letter From 30,000,000 Marijuana Smokers Who Vote

I found this post while researching and wanted to share:

Because of our diversity and direct democracy, California has always been a “test state” for many new ideas and political reforms. The Federal government is now targeting California and its Medical Marijuana patients to create a test case out of us.

They are afraid to change the status quo. But it is not just Medical Marijuana patients, or even marijuana smokers they are targeting.

The people of the state of California are the ones who voted for Medical Marijuana. We did this by direct democracy, by voting to change our own laws with Proposition 215, rather than have legislators write them for us. This is the essence of a democratic republic at its best.

By attacking Medical Marijuana in the State of California, the Federal government is attacking and disrespecting the people of California. They’re effectively saying, “We don’t recognize your authority over your own lives. We want to control you and force you to use only the medicines that we approve. We don’t care about your actual health. And we really don’t want you to get the idea that you can change things by voting.”

The Feds are very afraid of direct democracy because it challenges the power of the bloated, monolithic central government. All the career politicians are afraid of what can happen when people realize the power they have. Remember the 1960s rallying cry Power To the People? We have the power and we’re not planning to give it up.

“They got the guns, but we got the numbers.” — Jim Morrison

We are tired of being persecuted and mistreated simply because of our choice of medicine.

Marijuana users are treated as a laughingstock, even by a president that publicly claimed to be one of us.

We are sought out, profiled, and arrested.

We are imprisoned.

We are called drug addicts and losers by our own government.

Even the most unfortunate among us — who have cancer, AIDS, MS, depression, and intractable pain of all kinds — are treated in much the same manner, sometimes even judicially murdered.

Would the American public put up with this treatment if it was happening to gay and lesbian people? To Jews? To Muslims? Certainly not!

Each of those groups have suffered persecution in the past, gotten organized, and either aroused public sensibilities about their treatment to the point where it was made socially unacceptable, or gotten laws passed or changed to insure that it wouldn’t happen again.

But we have something special that these other groups don’t have.

We outnumber them all put together.

That’s right. There are 30 million people who regularly smoke marijuana in the United States. That’s about 10% of the population.

About 5% of Americans are gay or lesbian (so 15 million in round numbers), around 5 million are Jewish, 7 million are Muslim. We could easily throw other often oppressed groups in here, such as the Sikhs, without changing the equation.

The nation’s marijuana smokers need to unite for real change.

We must get organized.

We must arouse public sensibilities about our treatment and make it socially unacceptable to laugh at medical marijuana patients as well as recreational users.

The American public must understand that we – medical marijuana patients and users – are not anonymous drug-addled strangers. We are their sons and daughters, their brothers and sisters, their fathers and mothers, their grandfathers and grandmothers.

Marijuana prohibition is a failure based on lies, bad science, and racism. Millions upon millions of people have had their lives ruined – not by the harmless cannabis plant, but by the laws, arrests, lost jobs, and denied medical treatment.

75 years of marijuana prohibition is long enough for us, as a nation, to calmly sit down and acknowledge that the experiment of making a medicinal plant illegal is unconstitutional, morally wrong, and destructive to our society. It’s time to change things to insure that it won’t happen again.

We have the organizations — NORML, ASA, MPP, and others. We have our own media: The 420 Times, High Times, Kush, Skunk, Cannabis Culture, Treating Yourself, Toke Of the Town, and plenty more. But all of us have tended to work separately. Now it is time for laser focus.

We now call upon all of these organizations and publications, and all of us – patients and caregivers and recreational smokers alike – to unite behind a single, attainable goal:

Reschedule Marijuana Out Of Category I

Doing this can be a face-saver for the Federal government. No laws need be changed, no “embarrassing” Congressional debates over “pot”. No high-level politician even has to take “the blame” for it. It just becomes a simple administrative change in a database, but it will allow open medical research and actual legal prescriptions by doctors. It’s also about time that the Federal government acknowledges that cannabis actually is an effective medicine that is safely used every day by millions of people…since they already know that.

Let’s all take the time to help them help us.

Our first step: support CA NORML’s Call The White House campaign set for Tuesday, October 11.

Our second step: sign this online petition directly to the White House to address rescheduling marijuana out of Category I.

Our third step: we will be working with these other organizations and publications to organize a National Day Of Protest to call attention to this problem.

And for heaven’s sake, vote.


N.B. This manifesto does not intend to minimize the oppression that these and all other minorities (including women and people of color) have suffered in the past and present in this country and elsewhere. But the point is that the oppression of marijuana patients and users is official government policy to this very day, and we must not be satisfied until it ends forever.


A Call To Action:Your Local Government

In California medical cannabis patients are under attack from not only the federal government but local governments as well.  City after city has pushed for ordinances against medical marijuana.  Some baring dispensaries and some banning growing.  Some do this out of ignorance of medical cannabis and the industry and others in fear of repercussions from the federal government.   At the local level we need to work together to create a system that will regulate medical marijuana in a fair safe manner. Below is a letter to our local city council.  I share it in hopes to spark conversations in other cities where patients are being oppressed.

To Our Local Government:

We are standing at a unique point in time.  When you look back which side will you be on?  Will it be the ignorant, stubborn side that wishes to cling to yesteryear where fear and misinformation oppressed citizens or will it be on the side that is enlightened and will one day be vindicated?  We can no longer ignore science.  We can no longer let this be a political game with innocent patients as the chips.

It is time that you step up and start fighting FOR the patient instead of against.  It is time that you team up with the patients and create a peaceful business environment.  You were elected to SERVE the people not rule.  Minority groups need to be heard too. There is too much proof out there, both in personal stories and medical science to say medical marijuana doesn’t have medicinal purposes.

We can no longer allow the federal government to dictate how the state, county or city conducts business with medical cannabis with bullying tatics.  We can no longer allow the federal government to ignore science.  We can no longer allow government, instead of science, medicine and our own judgment, to dictate what we put in our bodies and how we treat our illnesses.

These laws are turning innocent patients into criminals.  The actions taken in the form of raids, arrests, threats, monetarily and in court have destroyed lives and caused many to be condemned to a life of lower standards.  These laws and by extension all of you enforcing these laws are oppressing people.

There needs to be regulation.  There needs to be a partnership between law enforcement, the City and patients.  We need sanity back in government.  People need to be educated before swinging the mighty gavel. As a patient I want to be able to walk into a dispensary and know I am safe from criminals and the government.  I want to know that if I grow a few plants my family wont have their door knocked down and have a gun in their face.  I want to know that the officials that we elect are held to the standard of being level headed, fair and just.  I want to know that they would give consideration to 1 person the same as they would 10,000.

Prohibition and reefer madness has been going on for over 74 years.  People have been hearing lies for a long time and that has bred a lot of misconceptions, greed, violent black markets and many other things that scare people.  What they don’t realize is that prohibition has caused this.  Its going to take all of us to fix this.  Its going to take all of us taking a fair balanced look at cannabis and seeing how we can improve things.  We need to be the ones changing it together.  We will never have progress if there is fighting. It is ridiculous for innocent, lawful patients and caregivers to be punished because of misuse of federal power and the actions of criminals.  We should be allowed safe access to our voter and Dr approved medicine.

Why More Americans Support Legalization of Marijuana

Gallup Poll released yesterday showed American support for the legalization of marijuana has risen to 50%. What might have caused this surge in support and made Americans take a second look at cannabis? Have Americans finally seen what a waste the War on Drugs is? Media coverage has become more common and less taboo enabling more people to become enlightened to the many benefits of cannabis as well as the corruption and lies surrounding it. There are 16 states that have set up some sort of medical marijuana program. More doctors and medical studies have emerged that support the medical benefits of cannabis.  There is also anger in the nation at corruption and Big Pharma is one target.

We have seen several reports lately that have showed medical advancements and new knowledge of the powers of cannabis.  We have seen them not only in expected media like High Times but also on news channels ranging from local to MSNBC.  We have seen many reports of patients that cannabis has helped or cured them as well as scientists discovering why cannabis works.

16 states enacted some sort of medical marijuana program. California was the first to enact legislation and has run a medical marijuana program for 15 years.  Colorado is one state that is allowing for-profit dispensaries to operate.  Reports have shown how revenue from taxes and fees as well as the residual business that benefits are seen throughout the community.  In a time when the economy is slow its hard to ignore the fact that cannabis is a booming industry.  With more states challenging the federal government’s stand on cannabis we have this industry brought to the forefront.

Politics has affected this issue extensively.  Many times politicians are focused on their career and not on the issues that need to be addressed.  Instead they continue to follow the failed policies of the Drug War that has been failing for the last 70 plus years.  The current Obama administration has promised one thing while doing a completely opposite action.  Recently attacks from the federal government against California patients has become severe.  With many more urgent issues that need to be addressed many Americans see this use of government spending wasteful.


People have seen the costs associated with processing criminals for small amounts of marijuana as well as the search for marijuana grows.  In a time where everyone is scrutinizing government spending people have turned their attention to the money wasted on the War on Drugs.  The recent attacks on medical marijuana dispensaries in California have put federal government spending in the spotlight.

Although Occupy Wall St is disorganized one thing you can glean from the people is the frustration over corruption.  We have seen how Big Pharma has control over the industry.  People want affordable, quality medicine, and with more information emerging on the health risks of prescription medications as well as the up rise in addiction rates more people are looking for a natural solution.

Some other points that might explain the increase in support is the spotlight that has been shown on NYC and the racially profiled marijuana arrests, that are prevalent not only in NYC but all over the country.  In 2010 NYC spent $75 million arresting and jailing 50,000 people for possessing small amounts of marijuana.  Most of them were in their late teens or early twenties and nearly 90% of them were of color.  This is something that has caught the attention of the NAACP who has spoke out in support of legalization of marijuana.


With so many factors working for us there are just as many if not more working against the legalization for marijuana. There is legislation currently being processed  HR 2306: The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011 which you can request your representative to support.  There is also a proposed ballot that has support of private citizens, celebrities, law enforcement and judges.  Its called the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012.  Now is our opportunity to change history and right a wrong.  Reefer madness and all the ridiculous claims against cannabis have had their claim on Americans for far too long.  Now is the time to take a second look at cannabis.  Now is the time to act and help legalize a natural safe alternative!

How To Save Yourself From Cancer and Many Other Illnesses With Cannabis

People know of the big C word…Cancer.  When faced with the diagnosis of cancer what do you do, how do you react?  There are conventional treatments for cancer ranging from drugs to radiation to chemotherapy.  Most of the conventional therapies nearly destroy your body along with the cancer. There are some people who have decide to treat cancer in a natural way. When faced with the harsh reality of death as a possibility it can be hard to decide.

Rick Simpson has been providing people with instructions on how to make Hemp Oil medicines for about 8 years.  He has shown how you can treat ailments that are minor to curing cancer.  Below is his presentation RUN FROM THE CURE and other survivor stories that have used the Rick Simpson Oil.  After watching this ask yourself if its time to legalize Cannabis.

RUN FROM THE CURE – Full Version

Grandmother Cancer Survivor Using Rick Simpson Oil

Various Newscasts Pieced Together To Prove Cannabis Cures

You can also read more testimonials Here.  Spread the Truth about the CURE!!

The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act 2012

Imagine a day when a property owner can look out over his cannabis crops just like a vinyard owner.  That day may be much closer with a proposed ballot in California.  Its call The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act 2012 and it has a lot of good points to it.  If passed it could change countless lives and challenge the federal government, something that is long overdue.

It also boasts some impressive supporters.  You can find more information on their website.  The launch of the petition drive will be November 1, 2011. They have volunteering opportunities on their website as well.

In Short – This California Voter Intitiative for 2012 intends to:

  •  Repeal prohibition of marijuana for adults
  •  Strictly regulates marijuana, just like the wine industry
  •  Allows hemp agriculture and products
  •  Does not change laws regarding

medical marijuana
vehicle operation
use by minors under 21 years old

  •  Provides specific personal possession exemptions
  •  Requires dismissal of pending court cases
  •  Defense against all related litigation
  •  Prevents California from supporting federal enforcements that conflict with this law and requires the State to petition the Feds to remove marijuana from Schedule One
  •  Prohibits commercial advertising of non-medical marijuana
  •  Generates new revenue from sales taxes, while creating no new taxes

Retired Superior Court Judge and author
Managing Partner and CEO, Kubby Patents and Licenses
Nationally recognized attorney and legal authority
President, Collett & Company, Inc., Certified Public Accountants
For more information visit their site at

Now Is the Time To Act! Medical Marijuana On the Defense

With all the protests and grumbling from the every day American I know that we are at a pivotal point in history that we are at a point where they could go either way.  I believe we are at that point with Medical Marijuana.  It has been state legal in CA since 1996 but only in the past few years has it really exploded.  A quick search on weedmaps or any other like website and you will see thousands of dispensaries dotted all over California.  While for cannabis consumers its a dream come true for officials its a nightmare.

With their experience only while the black market still exists, law enforcement and like minded people’s point of view on the violence and corruption that seems to follow I can see how they can be fearful of the whole industry. But just like with like with prohibition, not all of us are Al Capone.  There will always be criminals but it is wrong to punish us all for a few and in turn create more criminals.

Cannabis patients truly are an oppressed people.  The government has sought after marijuana with the same vivaciousness of a murderer manhunt. It has been unrelenting in its pursuit of even simple possession.  They wasted billions of hard earned taxpayer’s money at the drop of a hat over a simple plant.

There are hundreds of other top priority issues that are being negleted to go after this plant and its consumers.  It makes me angry to see stories where domestic violence is decriminalized because they ran out of money to prosecute but they have plenty of money to go after medical marijuana patients.

Thankfully the Alcohol Prohibition Era lasted a relatively short time but it still gives us a great look into a failed policy that applies to us today.  We saw how crime and general chaos ensued after prohibition took place.  We also saw crime organized for the first time on a larger scale.  Mass murders took place with bodies being dumped in the streets.  Even with the it being illegal people still drank.

We are at a time in history with some of the same things taking place.  We have dispensaries and patients being robbed.  We have gang violence still trying to control whats left of the black market.  We have Mexican cartels taking over our forests and killing thousands in their country.  We have decapitated heads being found on children’s school playgrounds.

The underground black market for Marijuana is organized.  It has its roots deep throughout the country.  Here in California especially it has spilled out into almost every county.  The gang violence can be seen in the streets as well as the size of the prison population.  It has been a very lucrative business for them.  The sad thing is that some marijuana patients are forced to fuel this economy.

With regulation and legislation passed we have seen the legal medical marijuana population rise to the top and be on display for the world to see.  They have shown how dispensaries can be run responsibly and in the compassionate manner originally intended.  We have seen the standards of cannabis rise not only with potency but in growing and quality.

We have heard thousands of success stories from patients living a better life thanks to cannabis.  When pulled into the light and operated legally we see a change.  I have visited locations that are similar to a doctor’s office with a staff that are professional and knowledgeable.  They pay taxes, bring revenue into the county and provide jobs.

In Colorado, where the medical marijuana industry is for-profit, we have seen the amount collected in business licenses and the like in the millions.  We see how even in a bad economy that is one industry that is booming.  It is exploding right in the face of the federal government and they’re not happy about it.

Today we saw a crack down in California from the federal government.  They put it under the guise of criminal activity but in their eyes all of it is illegal.  The Attorney General’s office sent out letters to property owners bullying them by saying they would lose their property if they continued to allow a dispensary to operate.  By doing this they are strong arming the entire industry.

Not everyone can grow their own medicine but they still need it.  Even when the government says they are not going after the sick, by attacking the source of our medicine, they are attacking patients.  Once again they are reacting towards everyone instead of the problem.  Somehow they still do not seem to get that while a black market exists, while the unsuccessful and costly drug war exists, while prohibition exists we will always have these issues.

If it was not illegal you would not have mass amounts of undocumented marijuana transferred between states but instead a regulated system that would generate billions if not trillions in revenue.  The Mexican cartels, US gangs and the black market would not have the funding nor the power it currently does.

Instead license fees, taxes and other revenue would be pumped into the local, state and federal governments.  Patients would have access to quality medicine without fear.  With a law enforcement that back the marijuana industry and instead targets only true criminal activity I believe we would see an industry much like alcohol or tobacco.

With over 70 years of failed policy and crime stats supporting the evidence its time to repeal the prohibition of marijuana is it not time to act?  One can not be heard but many they will take notice.  How much longer can we stand by while the government attacks patients?

Even if you can’t actively participate educating and informing people of the benefits of cannabis is one way to be active.  There are hundreds of medical studies, thousands of survivor stories and millions of consumers.  There is mounting evidence of the powers of cannabis.  It is time for us to educate the government and others so that all can be free to medicate.

If you can be active get involved and contact your representitive and the presidential hotline.  Supporters are urged to call on the President to respect state marijuana laws – White House Hotline:202 -456-1111  show your support for a bill to let states regulate medical marijuana legally, H.R. 2306, has been introduced by Rep. Barney Frank and has several co-sponsors from California.

And in the great words of Thomas Jefferson:
When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?-Thomas Jefferson


Prohibition: Then and Now, History Repeating Itself?

We see Hollywood glamorizing the roaring 20’s, Prohibition Era, with the speakeasies and flapper girls. Then there was Al Capone and the mob’s criminal activities. Today, with the Drug Prohibition, we have stories of bodies being dumped in the streets and heads being found on school playgrounds. Can we not learn from history?

During the Prohibition Era which lasted from 1920 to 1933, people truly thought that passing more laws would make things safer and better.  They felt that alcohol was the cause of many social issues and if it were illegal things would improve.  Unfortunately it had the opposite affect.

Suddenly with liquor being available only through the black markets, criminals organized and gangs were created.  What were once legally run production, importation and distribution businesses were now taken over by gangs.

As a result of the prohibition prices went up further fueling more attraction to gangs who became rich.  Once gangs took hold of the industry fights broke out over territory and connections, spilling crime into the streets including mass murder.

A Bill was created in Congress that celebrated the Repeal day which notes that “throughout American history, alcohol has been consumed by its citizens”;that prohibition resulted in “abuses” and the “irresponsible over consumption of alcohol”; and that the ban on “‘intoxicating liquors’ in the United States, resulted in a dramatic increase in illegal activity, including unsafe black market alcohol production, organized crime, and noncompliance with alcohol laws…”

While prohibition was a complete failure one thing we can learn from them is that they did go through the proper processes.  With prohibition activists worked their way from the local level to the federal level eventually amending the constitution. When America repealed prohibition with a constitutional amendment it explicitly gave the power to regulate alcohol to the states.

In contrast to the drug prohibition, Congress as well as the Supreme court, was not Constitutional when it passed the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 which started the modern day Drug War.

Crime was not the only factor in the failure of prohibition.  The lack of regulation was also a problem.  Unlike the regulated liquor, black market liquor was more potent and more harmful.  Today we have unregulated marijuana that is available to the public causing concerns.  Harmful chemicals, mold and many other issues can have serious effects on the end user as well as the enviroment. Without proper regulation patients can find it hard to get safe, quality marijuana.

During the Prohibition Era doctors were still able to prescribe it to their patients unlike today where dispensaries, doctors and patients  are being terrorized by raids. After almost 40 years since the Controlled Substance Act passed there are hundreds of thousands of people in prison for nonviolent drug crimes. We have federal and local  police forces that all too often acts like an military force with nearly a trillion dollars spent on enforcement. All the while the street prices of drugs like cocaine and marijuana has dramatically dropped since the government began keeping track in the early 1980s.

H.R. 2306, entitled the ‘Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011,’ prohibits the federal government from prosecuting adults who use or possess marijuana by removing the plant, and its primary psychoactive constituent, THC, from the five schedules of the federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970.  It is currently being cosponsored by 16 Congresspeople.

There are plenty of lessons to learn from the Prohibition Era as well as the Drug War thus far.  As they always say history will repeat itself if you never learn from it.  Prohibition does not work, as proven, it has the opposite effect. Now is the time to stop the corruption and end Prohibition against marijuana.