How Do You Approach Medicine? Cannabis As A Treatment Option

How each of us approaches medicine is as unique as our life experiences. Some are skeptical of medicine and are reluctant to experiment with many drugs or therapies while others fully embrace medication and are willing to put themselves through many side effects to find the right drug.

When put in a difficult and stressful situation such as being told you have diabetes, heart disease or cancer it can be hard to make a decision.  When given news as well as options at once it can be difficult to remember your values or views on medical therapies.

With the government only allowing therapies and medication that they approve and Doctors being dazzled by the pharmaceutical companies it can be hard to get an unbiased opinion.  Even at home we are bombarded with commercials for the pharmaceutical companies.  With all these opinions being thrown at you it can be hard to come up with an opinion of your own.  Just remember ultimately it is your body.

Cannabis has been proven, not only through individual personal trials but also through medical studies, to process medicinal value.  It helps with nausea, tremors, bipolar disorder, headaches, insomnia and recently found to slow tumor growth in cancer.

Cannabis is no longer just the party drug of the past but recognized by millions as a medicinal plant.  Only recently have people discovered what has been known for thousands of years.  Cannabis can take away a headache, calm tremors, stimulate appetite, mellow anxiety along with hundreds of other uses.

Cannabis can be organically grown with very little if any environmental impact. It can also be at home dropping the price of medication drastically.  Cannabis is all natural organic meaning no chemicals will be entering your body. Finally Cannabis does not have a long list of side effects like many drugs.

Instead of blindly going along with whatever your Doctor recommends do your homework.  Research your ailment, look up treatments, side effects and weigh drug therapies against others.  The easy way is not always the best way and pharmaceuticals are not always the answer.  Cannabis can be a great alternative to conventional medicine in both cost and health. Before reaching for the pill bottle see if cannabis could be right for you.