Times have changed, Yet some things are still the same….


Tommy’s prison sentence, the result of the War on Drugs.

Tonight I happened to catch a clip of dancing with the stars which featured Tommy Chong.  I was sad to be reminded yet again how much our government that is supposed to be working for the good of the people has actually done to us.  We have two states that have legalized cannabis for recreation use but we still have states where people are being locked up. In states that have legalized for medical use we have patients that are having a hard time accessing medicine while others are facing sanctions and bans at the county and city levels.

California, the first state to legalize, has been one example where county after county fought to ban sales and growth altogether.  Redding in the north part of the state is currently trying to ban the outdoor grows and going so far as to stipulate the type of building, how far from your residence the approved outbuilding can be

and other intrusions.  After so many fought hard to make cannabis available to patients we still see where many are forced to drive hours including experiencing dangerous driving conditions during the winter because of these local bans.

The Federal government has backed down from its hay day of no-knock-raids and busting down doors of cancer patients but we still see families broken and lives shattered because of over zealous local authorities that want to win elections.  We see legal shops set up where adults 21 and over can purchase cannabis for their own personal use but we still see irresponsible behavior solely attributed to cannabis as apposed to the person’s stupidity and lack of experience with cannabis supported with antiquated reefer madness logic of “ban it all”.

2014 has been full of advancements but it is almost over and it will be 15 years into the new millennium, can we say we are making the progress we should be?  Unfortunately we still see too much of the same mentality-harsh punishment-that has been proven to be costly both economically and socially.  Thankfully more people are knowledgeable about the benefits of cannabis and its legalization than ever before.  We have made a lot of strides in understanding the plant and all its compounds in relation to our bodies.  With more and more patients along with cannabis supporters coming forward we are starting to see bigger changes happen.

With elections coming up we all know the spam mail, ads and people accosting us on the street for their causes come with the pumpkin spice season.  While keeping our eye on the larger issues it would be wise to make sure that we are not losing our rights locally.  Tommy Chong, Marc Emery and millions more are a stark reminder of times past and unfortunately for some, present, that we are still not free from the fear of our freedom being taken away.

While we can revel in the success of our victories in some states let us not lose the fire to continue our battle for all to be free.  We cannot live in a world where a person looking death in the face has to worry about being raided and locked up or where people’s lives are destroyed for nothing more than enjoying cannabis.  Our vote is our voice and it is important that we make sure it is heard loud and clear.  Let us make loss of freedom a thing of the past for all.