Cannabis Less Harmful Than Current Drug Therapies?

Many when faced with a serious illness fight for their life but ironically are prescribed medications that in fact not only cause harm but also are capable of taking their life.  Many prescription side effects are quite lengthy.  Those that are on prescriptions long-term end up requiring even more medication down the line to combat the side effects from the first drug.  With all that in mind patients are looking for a safer alternative solution.

From cancers to anxiety many prescribed therapies are not only dangerous but can cause death.  Chemotherapy has come a long way from the early days but it is still a drug that ravages the body.  By contrast research has shown that cannabinoid therapies induce programmed cell death in cancerous cells.  Cannabinoids as is widely known are praised for their ability to alleviate without any reported deaths throughout its historic, several thousand year use.

Although the official stance from the government is that cannabis has no accepted medical value science tells us otherwise.  Below you will see a study that weighs the harm of accepted drug therapies such as opioids.  As always I encourage all to do their own research and please feel free to share ~ Cherry Girl

Prescribing Cannabis For Harm Reduction 2012
Neuropathic pain affects between 5% and 10% of the US population and can be refractory to treatment. Opioids may be recommended as a second-line pharmacotherapy but have risks including overdose and death. Cannabis has been shown to be effective for treating nerve pain without the risk of fatal poisoning. The author suggests that physicians who treat neuropathic pain with opioids should evaluate their patients for a trial of cannabis and prescribe it when appropriate prior to using opioids. This harm reduction strategy may reduce the morbidity and mortality rates associated with prescription pain medications.

Cannabis, Cancer And Children:Why We Must Give Parents A Choice

There is something special about children that brings a smile.  Some parents wait a long time to be able to have that special time to cradle their child, gazing into their eyes.  Imagine being the parents faced with the reality that your child has cancer.  For over 10,000 parents each year that is the case.  Vigilantly staying by their child’s side through countless shots, painful procedures, body wrenching medications and worst of all watching as their child withers away before their eyes.  The spark slowly going out leaving behind a weak body.  Most would try anything to save their baby.  

Current therapies  such as chemotherapy are not precise measures.  Rates of success in comparisson with side effects make some wonder why alternatives are being stifled.    In contrast there is mounting evidence of the anti-tumor effects of cannabis compounds.  Cannabis has been praised for its large window of error since cannabis does not cause death.

Most in the cannabis community know who Cashy Hyde is.  He is the little boy who’s father treated him with cannabis oil and who today is cancer free.  Cashy has undergone extensive treatments that ravaged his tiny body.  His father watched as the light faded and decided to save his son.  He fed Cashy Rick Simpson Method Cannabis Oil through his feeding tube and miraculously watched his son bounce back to life.  Within days they noticed a difference.

Cashy is not alone.  There are millions of others that have been helped and cured with cannabis.  The discussion of cannabis is beyond smoke.  Cannabis research has shown that by targeting the Endocannabinoid system with the right combinations of compounds you will receive the desired effects including inducing cell death in cancer.

With so much more scientific medical research as proof the majority of the country is asking why we still pursue prohibition with a vengeance.  California has been helping patients since 1996.  Last year we saw a flood of stories where federal agencies terrorized local communities with their SWAT style raids.  In doing so they cut off supply of much needed medicine for patients just like Cashy.

We must do something to give parents an option to save their children.  When parents are told there is nothing more that can be done should we really take away hope.  Should we incarcerate parents for possessing a plant, one that science proves is lifesaving?  We need to bring sanity back into the equation.  We must change the laws.  Me must challenge the “way its always been”.  It is time to allow parents the right to decide for their children.  Several states have proposed or pending legislation.  Contact your state representatives and urge them to help change the future for our children.

Save Your Ass, Smoke Some Grass

When people think of grass, weed, pot or cannabis they think of hippies and parties.  What most people don’t think about is that cannabis is showing real promise, on the molecular level, in fighting cancers.  People of all walks have been touched by cancer.  Most people know of someone, has had a loved one go through it or they themselves have experienced cancer.  It is no wonder then that science and medicine have been working hard to find a cure.  Cannabis research has been taking notice especially for its anti-cancer discoveries.   Over 140,000 new cases were reported for colon and rectal cancers with 51,000 reported deaths.  Below you will see studies where cannabis has been examined in the context of colorectal cancers.  As always please feel free to share and I encourage all to do their own research as well ~ Cherry Girl

Single Nucleotide Change in the Cannabinoid Receptor-1 (CNR1) Gene in Colorectal Cancer Outcome
The cannabinoid receptor-1 (CNR-1) and endogenous agonists of this receptor are present in the central and peripheral nervous systems including the gastrointestinal nervous system.Indeed nontumor paired colorectal tissues showed nucleotide change. A large number of patients with mutation in the CNR1 gene were observed. These preliminary findings highlight the importance of further studies in the use of cannabinoid analogs as receptor ligands to analyze potential therapeutic effects.

Cannabinoid Receptor Activation Induces Apoptosis(programmed cell death) through Tumor Necrosis Factor α–Mediated Ceramide De novo Synthesis in Colon Cancer Cells
We show that the CB1 receptor was mainly expressed in human normal colonic epithelium whereas tumor tissue was strongly positive for the CB2 receptor.  The present study shows that either CB1 or CB2 receptor activation induces apoptosis through ceramide de novo synthesis in colon cancer cells. Our data unveiled, for the first time, that TNF-α acts as a link between cannabinoid receptor activation and ceramide production.

Apoptosis: Programmed Cell Death At A Molecular Level
Balanced apoptosis is crucial in development and homeostasis, and all multicellular organisms have a physiologically programmed continuum of pathways to apoptotic cell death. Further studies of the control at the molecular level of key components and promoters/suppressors of apoptosis may provide better approaches to treatment of autoimmune diseases, malignancies, and neurodegenerative disorders. Many important questions remain regarding the advantages of modifying apoptotic programs in clinical situations.

Ever Wonder If Your Illness Could Be Treated With Cannabis?

When I was first introduced to cannabis it was in a party setting.  I just knew that if I smoked it I would feel good.  The only way to get it was by calling up a guy who would bring you a plastic bag of green stuff.  There was no talk of what strain, how it was grown or where it came from.  Each week would be a surprise as to what you were going to get.  Sometimes it would make you sleepy, sometimes it would make you giggle till your sides hurt.

After dealing with debilitating headaches for a few years I decided to try cannabis as a treatment option.  I had a Dr. that was prescribing me medication after medication that would cause side effects like making my brain feel like it was on fire.  I was getting frustrated with reading all the side effects or worse feeling them.  I finally drew the line after they suggested that I try injections at the base of my head.  I knew I needed to find a safer, natural remedy.

Once I started doing research I learned that cannabis wasn’t green stuff in a bag but a natural wonder plant.  Not only was there more than one type but hundreds each with its own miracle properties.  Its not only the strain but the location of where or even how its grown that determines its usefulness.  When determining which strain is right for you there are some things to keep in mind.

There are two main categories that cannabis fall into although there are more.  Indica strains typically are the strains that will give you that drowsy body stoned feeling.  By contrast a sativa strain typically is a cerberal or head high.  Hybrids are quite common and depending on the percentage of indica to sativa can make a nice combination high.

There are strains that help with a variety of illnesses.  There are even studies that are suggesting that cannabis can reduce or shrink cancer cells.  Cancer patients find comfort from strains that aid with nausea and appetite while chronic pain sufferers find solace in it’s pain relief properties.

Cannabis needs to be grown properly and preferably by a quality grower who puts attention to detail as a priority.  One thing that should be on your mind when choosing cannabis is that you will be ingesting this product so why not know more about it?  Fertilizers and other chemicals being used during the growing process can effect the end product.  Even things like proper drying and handling can change how effective your medicine is.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are getting quality product is to grow it yourself.  There are plenty of books and online help to assist in growing your own medicine.  If growing is not an option the next best thing is buying your medicine through a dispensary or collective.  There you will have the option of choosing quality medicine that is safer.  If your state offers a medical marijuana program it is definitely worth the time to research and see if its an option for you.  So before passing off the option of using cannabis as a natural option do a little research and see that there is more to it than some green stuff in a bag.

We have selfless people who are willing to put in the time to compile a list of illness and their known treatments with cannabis as well as studies to back it up.  This is just a guide and as with anything you should seek professional opinions first.

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Granny Storm Crow’s MMJ Reference List- July 2011